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You're Superb...

Watching the show this morning, I am a new listener. It's superb. Thank you for being in existence!


Dear Tony...

Thanks so much……. I have been in Investools PHD program for about 7 years….traded on and off, account size never really changed much. About 4 weeks ago, I ran across Tastytrade and now watch it very regularly. I watch it at work when able, at home at night, and my trading style has gone from a buyer to seller of options. You and Tom have changed everything from trading larger contracts, 4 to 10 to 1 to 3 for the most part, but now instead of praying for 5 – 10 trades to work, I have usually 30 to 50 trades on, trading 5 to 20 per day, and running about 67% probability and profiting from my trades. I used to listen to a lot of Tom’s and Dave Johnsons Advanced Options and Technical patterns and learned so much from them. However it was you and Tom that made it click and now with what I learned from Investools is now clicking. I had the “AH, HA” moment 3 weeks ago. I signed up for the BOB/tt for one week and then renewed for a month, and now going to automatic renewal. You guys are the best, and I have two more traders watching your shows now. And stop picking on Tom’s SALMON shirt….lol

James R

Love from Florida...

Hi Bat,
Just wanted you to know made 50% ROR in LULU. Put on Iron Condor yesterday around 3PM then placed a closing order at the 50% profit level just after that. This morning the market opens and I smile as the trade bell goes off showing the trade closed at exactly where I placed the stop.

I made the decision to do this because of the study your research team did on ROR distributions. Absolutely AMAZING. Without the knowledge the TastyTrade team provides I'd have NEVER made a trade like this. You have to KNOW the TastyTrade team provide an EXTREMELY VALUABLE service to the individual trader that has NEVER been provided in all the years (20) I've been trading.

Richard S, FL


Simply outstanding, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m not sure I can convey both my wonder and my gratitude. I am a 55 year old man who works as an adjunct professor of English and as a disability coordinator. I have lately attempted to educate myself on the world of finance, markets and trading, because frankly I’d like to retire with a little more comfort than my pension will currently bring me.

My heartful gratitude to you all for making this available.

I’m watching and learning.


From Joe W...

Today's segment was exceptionally helpful to me. I am new to options trading and have been watching as much of your stuff as I could stuff in over the last week just to try to get a handle on nomenclature, let alone your trading tool. Though I have a long way to go, the discussion on when to use, and how a Jade Lizard works was probably the best segment to date for me. It really hit the spot.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Joe W


Hey Guys

I don't email often but after giving you a hard time yesterday about candles I wanted reach out and commend you on all studies but today has been fantastic. My option trading has reached absolute new levels since following TastyTrade. Thank You! And... Dolinsky made me hungry!

Love U Guys


Heroes. Youse guys are heroes.

Rich M
(kudos to research team... Jade lizard PLUS max loss data!)

Every morning...

I'm really enjoying Tastytrade! Just discovered it a couple weeks ago and listen every morning.

Jim O

This weekend...

Hello Tom,

It was nice meeting you at Scottsdale event, the whole event went by too fast, it should be two days.

Fyi..... so far managed 3 winners from last weeks trade, closed in 6 days with close to 50% winners, it's working.

I have also started to teach basic options lingo to my 9 year old son. Today my wife made Mexican food for dinner and a lumpy cake and my son said to me, and I quote "Dad I am bullish on the Mexican food but extremely bearish on the cake", my wife had no clue what was going on.

Thank you for everything, the Market Measures are amazing


All hail tt....

What can be explained in 15 minutes as opposed to a READING A FREAKIN’ 300 PAGE BOOK ON THE SUBJECT SOLD AT AMAZON FOR 79.99!!!!!

Hail to tastytrade!!!
Norm K

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