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Ending the day...

Cheers ending today up 40% YTD, I know in my career I have seen the 40% number but last I saw it was a LOSS ...



It's working!...

Thx for taking my call this morn... Thx for teaching how to gauge time against price action. I no longer embarassed to say I never graduated high school...doh! This thing is working!!!!! i dont get shaken emotional attachment to anything...pure mechanics!!!! This thing is freaking working!!!!!

you (BAT) and Tom are going to be held responsible for beefing up my acct!!!!! dont tell my wife but Im in love with 2 dudes!!!! Tom & Tony!!!!!

forgot to ask Tom if he can say, "Hey Daryl from Cali, JUST DO IT MONKEY!!!!! PRESS THE BUTTON MONKEY!!!!"



Daria in Toronto...


Really great SLM Spotlight today. Great tips and great practical info. to apply right away.

Thanks for all your wisdom & work for us to benefit from!

Daria in Toronto


I know you guys get tons of email so I'll keep it short. It has taken me a while to understand "managing winners". Your recent segments on this are just outstanding and has just crystallized this in my brain!

Please keep up the fantastic work.


Bruce D

Your content...

Every day's education is better than the can't retire!!!!

From Shep...

Hi Tom!

I'm new to the tastytrade community, from Jackson, Mississippi! I've been in the market for awhile, with little technical knowledge of how it works. My interest in options trading was piqued recently when a friend of mine told me he made $57K profit in one week trading options, this after studying options for only one month! I was led to tastytrade by the 'Karen the trader' video on you tube. I'm really enjoying the videos of you and your lovely daughter Case on 'Where Do I Start'. And I'm amazed at how much technical knowledge I can pick up just by watching tastytrade live! My approach to learning options is by studying it as 'language', and this is where tastytrade is so helpful. Just a word of thanks for what you do in making this knowledge and prosperity available to others!


MM rocks!...

Hi Guys

I don't want to take your time on air remarking about the Market Measures. They are so jammed with useful information an so fascinating. And each week I think how good they are and each week they get better and better. The other networks and talking heads must be thrilled finally learning to trade.

Just wanted add my 2 cents.



From Chepa...

Hi Tony, I am so happy that I got an email from the man himself 😃
Thank you so much. I feel that I am learning much from your show! Keep up your great work and my happy retirement will be depending on you.


You're generating a buzz...

You do stay on subjects, explain them well and provide lots of information. You create a lot of buzz in the trading communities that I’m part of, and generate lots of great discussions beyond the program. You make a big difference in retail traders’ lives, I think. Peace

Dino K

Managing Winners...

Your Tuesday Market Measure on managing winners was right on spot.
I did something, Friday, I would of never done.
I took off a trade with 40% profit (plus commissions) with 24 days to go.
I realize that duration can work both ways.

Thursday morning, bought that BIDU put spread that you did.

8/29/2013 08:06 Bought (to open) a VERTICAL BIDU SEP 140/135 PUT @2.06

8/30/2013 12:00 Sold (to close) a VERTICAL BIDU SEP 140/135 PUT @2.96

40% plus commissions after 10.5 hours?...decided to exit.

Thanks much,
mark from la

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