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Keep 'em coming...

Tom & Bat,

Your Market Measures segments have been just terrific. I am learning something very usable every day. I’ll be looking carefully at the IV Percentile before placing those strangles now. Keep ‘em coming.

Have fun, go fast.

A swift kick...


I watch you every day at lunch and I can't remember a better piece of advice than you gave from your show yesterday. As I believed too that equities were ready to roll over, I had loaded up a bit larger than usual and took a bath on Wednesday's announcement.

Yesterday morning was tough getting my head out of the sand, even though I knew my strategies were generally sound.

Hearing your reinforcement yesterday to stay the course and remain engaged prompted me to clear my afternoon and get back to the basics putting on the trades I believed in, but had been too shell shocked during the morning session to do.

As of today, I have recovered more than half of what had been drawn down on Wednesday. Had I not heard your sound and eloquent advice yesterday, I am certain that I would have let my apathy and inaction take over. Thanks for the swift kick!




Thank you Tony!!!!! Totally get the Ex-dividend thing now!!!! Everything you guys do is so AWESOME words can't say thank you enough!!! Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

North Carolina

SLM's Inside Look...

Amazing Inside Look!
Both so relevant to me!
Love it!

Daria in Toronto

Rick in TN...

I am no longer working and trade, not to get rich, just to keep my mind active and have fun. I may have 2 or 3 trades if my set up is working and I only trade one or two contracts. Today I found tastytrade while looking at my I Tunes and then found you guys on line. I must say most of what you are talking about is WAY over my head, but I really enjoy listening. It's so much more fun then watching the different TV financial shows. Just wanted to let you know you have a new fan in the Nashville area. To me, watching you guys is more fun than following all the college football scores. It's close, but you guys are right up there! I will be watching each day and thanks for being out there.

Rick Hunt

I had chills...

Wow ... props to you and Tom today - - the market measure was great and Lil' Payton ... brought chills to my spine ... I grew up in Hanover Park and worshipped Sweetness - - even wrote a song about him. Nice to see his Son doing well.

You guys just keep getting better and raising the bar with this show!

Tell Tom I am opening up a TD Ameritrade account with Tasty Trade credited!

Peace... Bobby

More than just a show...

You’re right. It is about life, through the eyes of people who trade. That’s what makes it more than just another show about trading. You connect with your audience. Peace

Dino K


Did you know that TastyTrade becomes addictive :) So much good information and great archive material.

David L.

Tech Tools...


Wonderful segment. Blank page to a chart that speaks to us. You are an amazing teacher my friend. Thank you so much.


Never let you fail...


Katie and you were great. Looks like an interesting journey and I will ride along. Of course I am already addticted to tt, my iPad and tos, so no hope for me. Loved when you said to Katie "...never let you fail...". Kinda of what tt does everyday for its viewers.


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