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From Joe W...

Today's segment was exceptionally helpful to me. I am new to options trading and have been watching as much of your stuff as I could stuff in over the last week just to try to get a handle on nomenclature, let alone your trading tool. Though I have a long way to go, the discussion on when to use, and how a Jade Lizard works was probably the best segment to date for me. It really hit the spot.

Thank you for what you are doing.

Joe W


Hey Guys

I don't email often but after giving you a hard time yesterday about candles I wanted reach out and commend you on all studies but today has been fantastic. My option trading has reached absolute new levels since following TastyTrade. Thank You! And... Dolinsky made me hungry!

Love U Guys


Heroes. Youse guys are heroes.

Rich M
(kudos to research team... Jade lizard PLUS max loss data!)

Every morning...

I'm really enjoying Tastytrade! Just discovered it a couple weeks ago and listen every morning.

Jim O

This weekend...

Hello Tom,

It was nice meeting you at Scottsdale event, the whole event went by too fast, it should be two days.

Fyi..... so far managed 3 winners from last weeks trade, closed in 6 days with close to 50% winners, it's working.

I have also started to teach basic options lingo to my 9 year old son. Today my wife made Mexican food for dinner and a lumpy cake and my son said to me, and I quote "Dad I am bullish on the Mexican food but extremely bearish on the cake", my wife had no clue what was going on.

Thank you for everything, the Market Measures are amazing


All hail tt....

What can be explained in 15 minutes as opposed to a READING A FREAKIN’ 300 PAGE BOOK ON THE SUBJECT SOLD AT AMAZON FOR 79.99!!!!!

Hail to tastytrade!!!
Norm K

Better than the Ivy League...

Hey guys,

Have a funny story to tell you that I hope you get a kick out of. I have been a Tastytrade decibel going on the better part of 9 months. So, I decided I wanted to see how the upper echelon lived and signed up for a Financial Markets online class, from Yale, being taught by professor Robert Schiller. It sounded very impressive, with the Ivey league moniker and all. So browsing through the syllabus I notice a section devoted to the Options Market. I don't profess to be an expert trader, and an options know-it-all, but after watching the video, which was 1.5 hours long which I could manage to only get half way through before I wanted to puke. The crap that this professor was telling these students was pure bullshit, and would provide good laughable material for the show for weeks on end. Just pure and total junk. And just to think of they're poor parents that have to shell out big cash for that crap, when all they have to do is tune into to Tastytrade for free.

I didn't realize how much knowledge and content you guys at Tastytrade arm us retail traders with every day. You guys are the freaking real Yale and Harvard's of the financial markets. Not the crap this professor from Yale is teaching and actually reading the material from his binder. I wonder how many short strangles he's ever sold? Go figure!

Please don't EVER stop teaching the retail investor. We love what you do and will support Tastytrade to the end.


Laughs all day...

Even when I'm having a crappy trading day - I'm laughing so hard at the back n forth banter, you could not tell my day!
Every time I heard salmon blouse, I could not hold it together


Best Regards,

Great Research...


The 45 day and 25-50% profit taking, spread to stock comparisons help the most! I no longer have long term stock only positions at all.
Those studies are amazing keep 'em coming!



Ending the day...

Cheers ending today up 40% YTD, I know in my career I have seen the 40% number but last I saw it was a LOSS ...



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