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Wish I had known...

I wish I had heard this rant about buying calls 4 months ago, since I have 4 of these expiring worthless this month that will wipe out all the successful "tasty-style" trades that I made this month. All were made at the suggestion of my paid mentor. So disheartening. I don't listen to him much anymore, just waiting for his time to run out.
Thanks for continuing my education while making me money. You are changing my life.
Cyndi, TX


Wow what a great premium crush! Great example of this is the IWM strangle you did yesterday. Probably the biggest one day move of the month and that strangle is unchanged basically! wow wow wow. awesome stuff.




You guys are magic.
So glad I found you after 10 years in the trading wilderness.
Did the exact same IWM trade one hour before you guys.
I guess I'm learning.


Vegas wifi...

I was flying home from Las Vegas yesterday. I went to open my TOS account on my iphone and a message saying that free WIFI was being provided by my favorite network: tastytrade. That and the market being down big and the IV up put a really big smile on my face :)

Way to go and a big Thank You!

Tricia S

No Longer Running...

Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us! I have learned more about trading in the last 19 months, than I did in the previous 8 years. Most importantly, thanks to the tools and rules TT has provided, I no longer run away and hide when the markets go against me.

Thank you both for everything!

Mike, VA

Happy to find you...


I wanted to write this email to tell you a little bit about myself and my impressions of your shows and content. I found one of your videos while browsing youtube and after watching for a few minutes I went directly to your website and signed up.

I am an engineer but I actually started trading when I was 17 and back then during the tech boom, there was no information out there like what Tom is teaching. I read the Intelligent Investor, and most of the other classical investing books, then went on to loose much more than I made. Soon after I stopped trading went to college and just continued on with my life looking at the lackluster performance of my 401k, and resigning myself like most classically educated investors to expect years of under performance as compared to the index's, followed by mini bubbles where my 401k loses most of its value and I start all over again.

It is with the above context that I stumbled on Tasty Trade last Thursday, I knew from the moment I started watching that this was valuable information that was not available anywhere else. I was transfixed. I spent 24 hours a day through the weekend watching every single episode of every show on the tasty trade network. I especially found the Show "Where do I start" useful, as the Dynamic and familiarity between Case and Tom allowed her to ask questions that another person might have been intimidated to ask. As you can imagine going from knowing only what a put and call is, to absorbing all of Tom's teachings in a few days has my head spinning. I am constantly re watching episodes and trying to retain all the knowledge in only a few days. I made my first trade after many years today and I can't wait to take back control of my investing future.

I hope this email finds the team as I cant thank them enough for getting this information out there.

John B.

Supporting tastytrade...

What better way to say thanks than to open another TD IRA.

My best to you and all the tastytrade team.


Mike, MD

Jack in New Jersey...

Hi Guys,

Six months ago I had no idea who either of you were. Today if I don't watch you guys for at least a couple of hours a day I don't feel like my day is complete. That's sick. Peace

Jack, NJ

Locker Room Banter...

Bat: TT is more than an awesome place to get actionable content . It's also one of the few media venues where us non PC types can be exposed to some good ole locker room humor. I LOVE IT. The banter between youse guys is a HOOT.

Jay M

Armin in Croatia

A simple winning strategy

Yes, finally, I listen in the background both tastytrade and other financial networks.
By listening and learning via tastytrade I can put on with confidence any trade because all those high probability ideas are workable, well researched and made in good faith, with rich context around.
In contrary, when I listen other networks, analysts, great investors (Buffett apart), reports, newsletters and what not, there is only one way : go fast and take an opposite action, because buy, sell or price targets they advocate, usually tweeted nowdays, have no any value at all and doesn't help to become a successful trader.
So, tastytrade, full speed ahead !

Armin, Croatia

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