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Dow Historicals...

Hey Steve,

Your segment on the Dow historicals was awesome. There are no guarantees, but I am a big believer in cycles – as you’ve mentioned a number of times, cyclicals are not always exact, but they provide perspective.

Would have been interesting to identify the candlestick patterns at these monthly tops and to have monthly volume included.

Nonetheless, your segment really hit home.
Norm K.



I have been an active trader for at least the last 15 years. For much of that time, I read as much as I could. I read books, papers, magazines, websites, you name it. I remember reading your articles in SFO and always liked them. I always liked you writing and teachings. I never had a forum to express my appreciation. A couple months ago I stumbled into tastytrade. I have mainly been an options and futures trader and have fine tuned my technique, premium selling, thanks to everyone at tastytrade. I especially enjoy your show and in a sense, reconnecting with you. I love you attitude and really enjoy your program. I just wanted to drop a note expressing my appreciation. Thanks for everything.

John C.

Taking Control...

I took control of my Roth IRA this year. I was nervous to trade in it but stuck my toe in the water and I am now swimming thanks to Tastytrade. (mostly you two, but Liz and Jenny helped too)

Here is the proof. its not much $ wise but I am up over 50%
Rob Walczak

Love the Daily Recap...

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the T (Tom) & T (Tony), the Dynamite twins, and the whole crew of Tastytrade. You guys really are the Cherry Bomb!

On a serious note, I am currently a Think or Swim client and I have been listening to Tom and sometimes Tony when they are on the weekly market wrap up show for years. I have been signed up for tastytrade for the past year and I have listened occasionally but since you guys have been sending out daily recap emails I am hooked on your show and really appreciate what you guys are doing. I have learned so much from you all and love that you guys are doing the research to help educate investors. It seems like you guys are poised to revolutionize the retail business again. Tom is a true visionary! I will most definitely be looking into your new trading platform in the future. I am sure it will be great.

Keep up the great work and good luck in your new studios. Thanks again for everything!


Love Rising Stars...

I know you guys do not lack of love letters, but I have to write this out.
Love your: Rising Stars. I am close to two years into options trading, only a few months watching tastytrade ( too bad, not able to watch to all your shows), I am still having ups and downs in trading. I am puzzled and lost at times.
When I am down, your Rising Stars give me hope and I am back into trading pit again.
Thank you is NOT ENOUGH!!! You are such a blessing to the trading world.

Keep your good show on!

Best regards,

Hooked Already...

Hey Bat

Just wanted to recap, I looked into trading for the first time in early Oct, I played with the TOS platform by the end of the first week, found your show and made my first trade on the 10th....

I started with 12,500k in my acct and will be finishing my first month with an 80% ROC, I am happy but a little disappointed in myself for getting to eager,aggressive,brave when I placed the Iron Condor in SCTY. Well it bit me, I was up 90% and trying to make 100% by the end of the month..

I promise I will never go against what you guys say again haha...

Just wanted to say Thanks again for changing my life for the better, you have a lifetime follower and hopeful intern applicant.

Hope to meet you again sometime, Justin H.


My Toolbox...

Happy Friday,

You know those giant tool boxes mechanics use; the ones with dozens of doors and drawers? That's how I think of tastytrade. An enormous tool box. You open the doors and drawers to let us use your tools, AND you show us how to use them. Safely. TT is my version of a Craftsman tool box . . . with wheels.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


So Appreciative...

Mr. Battista,

Thanks! Really enjoying the new WDIS Back to Cool..

You guys are really something special! I really don't have words to say how appreciative I am of the work you all are trying to do and the golden intention behind it all!

Thanks for giving back!

Most sincerely,

tastytrade Addict...

I have become a tastytrade addict! If I don't watch every segment I feel I am going to miss something important, as I keep picking up some juicy nugget each and every time. Stop giving out so much great information, so I can wean myself off the tastytrade bottle!

I am joking of course, well sort of, I still have to watch each segment. I feel like I am back in university, only enjoying it this time round.

Keep doling out the free knowledge crack....LOL

Doug M

I Have Found Home...

I’ve been trading for five years, trying (almost) every strategy known to man. (There are a few I haven’t gotten to yet.) I have a good bit of statistical knowledge because of my education and some logic afforded to me by my dear God—thank you God, thank you, God! And after all this time, I finally got to your Market Measure edition of 12/5/12, Probability vs. Statistics #2. I almost wept when I realized that I was not the only F’d-up idiot trading stocks nowadays. Here’s the quote from you on the program and date above: “It is impossible to tell when prior ‘patterns’ cease to predict future events. It is also impossible to know what time frame charts to use for any given strategy’…and some more about the illogic of Bollinger Bands….into which I include 20 day moving average trades. Thank you. Yes, thank you! I have found home! I have found home!


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