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Better than primetime...

Dear Tom,Tony and Case,

Thank you for sharing your great knowledge and research. I’ve been trading since the end of Aug. and making, instead of losing, money every month. They say you can’t teach an old dawg new tricks, but I’m 67 and learning every day thanks to your skill in teaching. (Sometimes I have to watch the videos 3-4 times so the archive is great)

I have two daughters, so I really enjoy watching the relationship dynamic between you and Case; even my wife watches those videos and she has NO interest in the market. That 15min. is the TV highlight of each day. You beat any primetime TV show hands down!

Frank O, NJ

The magnitude of your content...

Just a short note to thank you for your terrific website and great shows. I learned about tastytrade two weeks ago, and I'm already overwhelmed by the quality and magnitude of the content you provide. Among other things, I've been watching "Where Do I Start" from the beginning of the series -- excellent stuff! Thank you!!

AB, Wisconsin

My therapy...

Hey Tom & Tony,

I have to share this with you.

With recent family issues within the family I was feeling a bit down, so my wife says why don't you go on Tastytrade website and listen to Tom & Tony, that usually makes you feel better.

So, thanks for the free therapy.

Eagerly waiting for Dough.
Andy B


Just wanted to put a smile on your face, let you know that you are appreciated and to say

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Tom P

Authenticity is key...

One more thing as we close the week...the main reason you guys are so good is that you are authentic...we get to see your entries, your exits, your pain, your joy each day...

There are so many bs artists in this business - you guys are refreshing...and you do provide entertainment too I must admit....

sometimes I just roll over at the stuff you say...How about Vonetta's study on fat rears and intelligence...

Have a great weekend...

PM, Great Britain

Thanks for FLR...

Thanks for that analysis in FLR. After watching your show I realized that they reported earnings after the close and bought a 75-72.5 PUT spread financed by selling a 75 CALL. Looks like a homerun.

Thanks for providing ideas to trade; I realize it is difficult to be right all the time but you have been much better than a crap shoot.


How I'm doing in under two months...

On a personal note - I started watching your show in September and started trading a Tasty Byte account on October 3 with TOS. It's up 16% in just under 1 month with almost all neutral positions ($2510 to $2916). Thanks for all you do.

AKA Mr. San Jose Shark

Smart enough to find tastytrade...

Hey, reviewing 10/17 MM; you remarked that typical investor education instills fear.

You are exactly right, my dear Bat!

I was trading real $ after 90 days of fun, interactive, cost-free exposure to TT.

In three years I spent thousands of dollars, countless hours in tedious workshops and trading rooms and was too frightened to put on a single trade.

Investor education taught me I was just too stupid.

Well, I was smart enough to find TT.

Just another adoring fan.


Up Thirty Percent...

Thank you for the info Tony, you and Tom have been very helpful to me!

I have attempted to trade futures intraday for 5 years and have not been successful. I have taking your most basic advice of trade small and often, diversify and sell premium and am up 30% on my Roth IRA thus far this year!

Thank You,
Brazos from Texas

tastytrade vs. CNBC...

I recently found you guys by accident on the net and I gotta tell you something:

When I first found you guys I listened to you guys in the morning while watching CNBC. Then I found myself turning CNBC down and having you guys turned up on my phone, then they were on mute only so I could watch the ticker. Now instead of reaching for my tv remote when I first get up I grab my phone and find my tastytrade application. I feel much more comfortable watching you and Tom than the other guys because I feel like you're one of us. Keep up the great work and please tell Vonnetta that she is the bomb.


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