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Thanks for FLR...

Thanks for that analysis in FLR. After watching your show I realized that they reported earnings after the close and bought a 75-72.5 PUT spread financed by selling a 75 CALL. Looks like a homerun.

Thanks for providing ideas to trade; I realize it is difficult to be right all the time but you have been much better than a crap shoot.


How I'm doing in under two months...

On a personal note - I started watching your show in September and started trading a Tasty Byte account on October 3 with TOS. It's up 16% in just under 1 month with almost all neutral positions ($2510 to $2916). Thanks for all you do.

AKA Mr. San Jose Shark

Smart enough to find tastytrade...

Hey, reviewing 10/17 MM; you remarked that typical investor education instills fear.

You are exactly right, my dear Bat!

I was trading real $ after 90 days of fun, interactive, cost-free exposure to TT.

In three years I spent thousands of dollars, countless hours in tedious workshops and trading rooms and was too frightened to put on a single trade.

Investor education taught me I was just too stupid.

Well, I was smart enough to find TT.

Just another adoring fan.


Up Thirty Percent...

Thank you for the info Tony, you and Tom have been very helpful to me!

I have attempted to trade futures intraday for 5 years and have not been successful. I have taking your most basic advice of trade small and often, diversify and sell premium and am up 30% on my Roth IRA thus far this year!

Thank You,
Brazos from Texas

tastytrade vs. CNBC...

I recently found you guys by accident on the net and I gotta tell you something:

When I first found you guys I listened to you guys in the morning while watching CNBC. Then I found myself turning CNBC down and having you guys turned up on my phone, then they were on mute only so I could watch the ticker. Now instead of reaching for my tv remote when I first get up I grab my phone and find my tastytrade application. I feel much more comfortable watching you and Tom than the other guys because I feel like you're one of us. Keep up the great work and please tell Vonnetta that she is the bomb.


Good Luck Moving...

I just want to echo so many others and say thanks for all you do. I've been with you from the beginning (dog tag #199) and looking forward to the next chapter in the new building.

See you Monday.


Consistently Amazing Content...

I found Tastytrade and started watching last October. At the time, I thought the content was revolutionary. After following your show for 12 months I can whole heartily say the team continues to blow the doors off day in, day out. The content is consistently incredible!

Best of luck this weekend in the move.


Love the BAT!...

The BAT is the BOMB!!!! I feel like his teaching style is so much more in-sync with my beginner brain. I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm 50+ years of age and have worked very hard to acquire what I have. Had I been exposed to what you and the Bat have been going over in these lessons there is no telling where I would be today. I hope you can instill your methods in this younger generation, they will be the better for it. I feel like I'm learning a lot lately, hopefully I can change my TD account around to allow options trading, can't wait.

Please give Bat more teaching time, maybe an additional feature now and again where he breaks down a strategy ( what to watch for - risk/reward with graphics illustrating what happens when the stock goes one way then the other . etc.

Loyal listener and Bat follower!,
Thanks Dan

Learning from tt...

Hey guys... Love your show, and your work in general.... You all are doing important work educating people that they can do better than the "pros". I am an example of this. Here's my quick story...

I am conservative by nature, but I like making money and I figured that the best way to make money is to not lose it in the first place. This is simple math... if an underlying goes down by 25% then it has to go up 33% to get back to where you started... so here's what I did...
I started a few years ago with 87% of my liquid assets in cash (highest yielding cd's I could find) the remaining 13% I sought out high caliber high dividend yielding stocks and a few ETF's (think T, CAT, MSFT, SPY, etc). I sold OTM puts to scale into these positions, when the underlying was put to me I sold OTM calls. This simple approach necessarily makes you "buy low and sell high". So what happens with all of this? You have multiple sources of "new cash" to keep expanding the strategy, cash from the interest on the cd's, cash from the dividends and cash from the premium.

Over the course of time I learned to take advantage of Theta by effectively leveraging my account 45 day from expiration, I would have 2 positions on each underlying (although I don't usually "double sell" puts). I also manage winners and close to expiration I'll pick up "freebies" (options at least one more strike OTM than my current, already profitable, position. I also do the occasional Strangle, Iron Condor or Credit spread. The double digit yield from this strategy is far more than any "pro" could get me, and I'm in control and it's fun and intellectually stimulating... there's a bit more to the story, but these are the big pieces...Pass my story on if you think it will encourage others...


One Year with tt...

Today I am celebrating my One Year tastytrade Anniversary.

Has been the best year in many years. Thanks to you and the rest of your team.



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