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Mentally Strong People...

Hi there Slim ( I guess that is your name =) ) .. I just finished watching your video of trading psychology about the things mentally strong people do; and just wanted to drop you this email to thank you for the great list of tips. Those 15 mins I spent watching your video are for sure the most productive 15 mins I spent this week doing anything.

Thanks again and keep up the good work! ... Greetings to all the tastytrade team.. huge fan!

Victor G

Removing My Fear...


I agree with your comment yesterday about "getting even". I think it is "wanting to be right" in some respects. Even more importantly to me is that after watching TT for two years now I actually have the knowledge on how to work a trade from a loser to a break even or a winner. And I have gotten plenty of practice in this years' environment........... I have actually learned more from the challenging trades than the winners.

I used to panic and puke out the losers. Now I stay small and just keep doing what the market affords me to improve my cost basis....and I owe it all to what I have learned on TT. No more worries about a trade going against me, I just take a mulligan and figure out what is the mechanical thing to do. All the knowledge you have advanced has removed fear from my trading. Thanks again!

Now I am back to only fearing two things: snakes and four foot par putts.

PEACE. No reply necessary!
Have a great day!
John A

Love dough...

Got that side by side action going on! Having a hard time letting go of my t/a background and trust purely on probabilities. The platform has been rock solid so far and I'm excited to see what you all have in store. I've been spreading the word any chance I get.

Leaving for the Philippines to help with the relief effort on Monday. I'll catch up with you guys via the mobile app where I can. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you,
Gene C

You Make the Trading World Fun...

Just a note to say thanks for all the quality content over the last few months.
A great learning experience with a lot of fun at the same time. Makes the lonely trading world a lot more fun.
Your "Anatomy of a Trade" and "Market Measures" session worth it's weight in gold for sure.
Terry, Canada


Lately, SLM...

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say, awesome segments recently, especially the trader psychology and the history of the bull markets and what happens after those Fed-manipulated markets. I will keep my eyes peeled for topping patterns and will try to ready myself for the downturn.

As always, keep up the GREAT WORK that you are doing for all of us traders!!

Yours truly,
Rob from California

Big Fan...


Every day I am impressed with your straight-forward, from-the-heart commentary. Color me a big fan!

Andy B

Thank you for doing WDIS!


Please know how much I value your WDIS show. I am taking the time to watch every segment from the beginning. I am very grateful that you are a genuinely interested in trading. The show is very helpful and also special in many ways: Informative, Educational, Candid, and Lovely (the relationship btwn you and that Sosnoff Dude!!! lol!). All in all... FUN!

Many thanks!

Great Show SLM...

Hi Steve,

I thought today’s SLM’s Spotlight section was fabulous … and scary with your snapshot of margin-debt and net-free-credit. The entire segment was very insightful.

I also liked and identified with today’s Trading Psychology section. I noticed that on days when Tom Sosnoff is losing big, he still has big confidence (and sometimes says he has confidence). I now see this in you also.

Thanks again,
Ron from Dallas

Long Term Market Review...

Hi Steve,

Excellent review of the overall long term market. I have been worried since about mid year thus have not benefitted from the past 5 to 6 month rise as much as had I been full in. The first of October I found and started implementing some bullish strategies which haven’t worked out so well. I still believe the market will go down and am working on various bear strategies. The overall picture really helps to keep me confident in my strategy.

It is also good to be reminded that our trades good or bad do not define us. Keep up the good work.


In My Psyche...


I'm late. I, too, really got so much out of those two segments: Trader Psychology and the Bull Market Lengths. Great stuff. When you announced them at the beginning, my ears perked and you came through splendidly.

I wrote down your psychological mantra and stood up with you. I need to understand how to ingrain this into my psyche.

Thanks so much, SLM.

Peace and aloha,

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