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Enjoy Your Time Off...

Hi Tony,
Johnny Wings here. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you do! I've learned tons from watching and listening to you teach about logic, strategies, and the way to make money. It's more than I've learned from all my years in school!

You definitely deserve to be rewarded many times over for all that you share and teach us. Can't imagine life without tastytrade! But just like one of the callers just mentioned, you gotta stop with the sarcastic one liners bc my wife is listening and now using them on me. And she's hurting my feelings! Lol.

Enjoy your time off! And can't wait til you guys are back in a week!

All the Best From Australia...


Thanks for all your help this year, I have learned heaps and my trading will be better for it. The quality of the work you do, is so good. Nobody is even close. I appreciate your e-mail reply’s especially when I get on my high horse over TOS!! Have a great holiday, and I look forward to taking on the “consensus monkeys” in 2014.

All the best from Downunder.

Thanks and regards to the TT team,
David C

Love the New Gamechangers Script...

WOW !! A HUGE Thank You to DC, the game changer! What a beautiful study he created!!
Can't thank him enough!!
Kudos Kudos!!
Wish I could personally thank DC for the BEST Merry Christmas trading gift!


Access to the think script, found on the "text attachment" button on the right of the video player:

Peace & Joy...

Hello everyone at tastytrade,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support and
educational efforts. As a result trading is beginning to make sense to me
and that is very cool.

It is my hope that everyone continues in Peace and Joy during the holidays.

Tom P

SLM University...

Best show ever, you really out performed! I have learned so much and am guessing many others have as well. You need to change the show name to SLM University. I came to you through Investools which is good foundation but you take trading and technicals to a much higher plane. Wish I had had the benefit of your experience and perspective 30 years ago! We are lucky to have you, tasty is lucky to have you. Interesting how numerous men only reach their productive peak in later years (I am 67), wish that applied to other areas as well!

My Sons & I...


We haven't met but I started in the Investools PhD program about 8 years ago. I struggled to make money and actually had a net loss position after 4 years or so. Stopped trading for 1+ year, refocused, developed a plan in late 2011 around TastyTrade's selling options strategies. Booked a 19% ROC in 2012 and today I just closed out all my positions generating a 43% ROC (account low six figures). My son, also named Joe, booked in excess of a 44% return in his first year of trading and my other son, Kerwin (former basketball player / Sweet 16 apperance in 2010) is now off an running as a trader generating a 10%+ return as he didn't qualify for margin until 4Q13.

We are truly thankful for your Market Measure segment, the joy you share each day with your locker room humor and of course helping us to make some dough.

God bless you and keep up the great work.


Joe & Joe D from Des Moines, Iowa
and Kerwin D from Chicago, IL

Earning an Extra Paycheck...

Hey Tony,

Love you guys. Just wanted to throw some support. The age thing seems to be a big goal. 30 in Texas earning an extra paycheck a month. got a friend, 33, doing the same. We owe it all to you guys.


Reagan C

Christmas All Year Long...

I’m fairly new to the “tastytrade Family” so still not really sure how everything works but today when Tom mentioned that you don’t charge for all your help but teach others as a way of giving back and because you enjoy what you do-- I just wanted to say THANKS! This to me is the true meaning of Christmas all year long! I have spent a long time trying to find the kind of help that you offer and sure appreciate all that I am learning.

Thanks again and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


It's Been a Great Year...


I just want to say one more thanks for the year. It's been a fun year. I now have two of my four children begging me to trade options, could not be done without guys like you and Tom. Two nephews as well. It will be amazing to see what they will do with the information.

Every day you do not want to do one more show segment thank about all those people that are now making more money without having to work a second job, or a person that needed a better security for recovering from the 2008 recession... You and Thomas make a difference, not to us older guys, but to a lot of younger people that will have a much different life. Even if they do not stick with options they will better understand risk and reward and that is a great education to have.

Peace and enjoy the holidays,
Steve M

The Twelve Days of tastytrade...

OK, so everybody gets that you are brilliant and present the very best, hands down content in the space. I have kind of grown accustomed to superiority as I watch you two clowns raise the bar day after day. In addition to killer content, you have a good time - so do your viewers. I have no memories of laughing in a trading lesson before tastytrade.

The Twelve Days of Tasty has no creative equal. The lyrics, the character collection, the activity and the cat herding operation of getting everybody to don their hats and scarves in the right place at the time and do the right thing is praise worthy. It is put together flawlessly - like all things tasty.

Thanks to you and the entire team for sharing knowledge AND wisdom and for making it all so fun. Thanks to every person who provides support; from the devs to the housekeepers. What an amazing operation! Kudos. Hat's off. Applause. Standing O.

I am so grateful.

A merry, merry Christmas to all - enjoy the week off. I will miss you.

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