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Tony is Amazing...


You are a truly amazing guy! Thank you for your quick and helpful response, and for your educational, inspiring and extremely fun shows!

Best wishes to you and the rest of the tastytrade team this holiday season,

Andy B

SLM's Analysis...

Spectacular analysis – you continue to have a great way of clearly showing and explaining your technical forecast.
Really appreciate all the hours of work you invest to make a 15 minute segment so packed full of information.

I take a lot of notes in my binder and often watch key shows like this one again. Your analysis is very compelling.

-David L

You Deserve a Nobel...

Thank you.

Not necessary to respond to this but I wanted to thank you guys. It is only because of what I have learned from you that I questioned my understanding here anyway. I thought all along that +15 delta and -15 delta (call vs put) would be directionally neutral and that how far either of those strikes are OTM vs the other has no bearing on the position being directionally neutral. Delta is delta.

You guys are amazing. I really appreciate what you do and how much you have improved my trading. You guys deserve the Nobel far more than Obama ever did. :)

Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Billy S


Hi, Tony,

Just a quick "Good job outta you!" for yesterday's B2WDIS explanation of the whys and wherefores of short call exercise risk at ex-dividend day. It was hands-down the best and clearest information I've heard OR read on the subject. You did a great job of helping us understand why the call is unlikely to be exercised if extrinsic exceeds dividend amount, and what to expect in just about any possible scenario.

Thanks a million for that, and all the other great work you and the rest of the team do every day!

Harry from California

Awesome work today...

Tony, Tom,

The work you and the tastytrade research team is doing for the average Johnny is amazing!

The content tastytrade serves is easy to learn, funny, investible and at times hysterical.

Three months ago I couldn't rationalize when to trade a short call or long put. Today, I trade with "confidence", stick to the play book and my wife's happy!

Heck, my domain expertise has improved a lot!
Thanks to Tom's passionate "What Else Ya Got?" segments, domain expertise and Tony's skilled approach to providing clarity. (K.I.S.S.)

The other day my wife said...

"wow Daniel, I can tell you really understand what you're doing with trading. During your first month I thought you were gonna lose all your cash and I was just waiting for the day to say , I told you so!"

Thank God that won't ever happen.

You guys helped turn an Ethical Hacker by trade into a beginner/intermediate options trader in 4 months!

tastytrade is a godsend.

We love you guys!

Daniel A

My Daily Routine...

Hi Tom & Tony;
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and express my appreciation for all of your kindness in sharing your experience and knowledge. You've built a great tastytrade team which I know is a major investment and expense. It's addictive too as it's become a part of my daily routine.

In addition to your and Tony's insights, I also want to say that as a technical trader, I love SLM's observations and analysis of the markets. His projections and his explanation of his tools are very valuable and actionable. I can then use a directional options strategy to implement a trade.

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving
David L

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear tastytrade Friends:

Greetings from Los Angeles! May you all have a wonderful holiday!

You guys/gals all work really hard and put together an AMAZING show! It's highly educational, intellectually stimulating, challenging, and of course very entertaining & and pretty damn funny!

Who doesn't love learning about making money? Your shows do just that while keeping your audience's interest or "getting them engaged" as Professor Sosnoff loves to say! The greatest thing about the shows are your willingness to follow through on the volumes of E-Mails you guys/gals must get and answering viewers questions in a truly expert way!

Jim Cramer & Maria Bartimoro don't have JACK over tastytrade! Nor do they have Ms. Vonetta's gourmet cooking or The Options Goddesses' lovely smiles & effervescent personalities. Your content and delivery blows them out of the water!

Your top quality work is really appreciated this Thanksgiving!

Thanks for all that you continue to do & Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sincerely or PEACE (as Professor BAT like to say),


Happy Holidays & Thank You...

Dear Tom, Tony and the Entire tastytrade Family:

I wish the best that the Holidays have to offer from my family to yours. I
have been listening to tasty trade since December 18, 2012. I am 51 years
old and have had several businesses over the past 30 years. I have been
trading options since October 18, 2010. I have learned more about the
wonderful world of trading in these past 11 months since I started
following you guys than all my years in business combined.

You guys are absolutely amazing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukah
with Family and Friends and Looking forward to learning much more with you
guys for years to come.

I have registered for Dough and waiting for my turn to play with it.

Keep up the great work. Highly appreciate all you do. I am getting my 14
and 17 year old sons involved in watching WDIS and Back to Cool archives.
They are both excited and spend whatever free time they have from school on
weekends putting on trades in their virtual accounts. Their first goal is
to fund their college education using income from trading options. I cannot
Thank You enough.


Bimal P

Best Practices...

I’m a relative newbie, (about 1 month) and Love the show.

Congratulations on producing the “Best Practices” session on
Monday, 11-25. It is a fantastic wrap up of the great stuff you are doing. A special
thank you for including the references to prior shows for further study. That
is of immense benefit to new folks like me.

Jim K

Sosnoff Says

Case, I listened to you and your dad’s segments from last week and they were so Perfect ~ I have about 40-50 different options running at one time and have been searching for when to roll when not to etc... and as I listen to your segments the timing was ever so perfect this was the sunset with a rainbow that I saw while walking and listening.... the world has a way of giving you the teachers when you need it... So I Am So thankful.... PS. My 8 yrs. old just started his trading account... and one day I think he too will excel, I only got started 2 yrs. ago and have made many costly mistakes... but I feel finally that I have a better;best guide now!!!!! Thanks again to everyone!

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