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Great Segment with Gene Simmons!

Gene was awesome today. We have to get him on at least once a month!

Anthony L.

Loved the Live Event!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and the entire team for a great show in Detroit this morning. All of the talks were great and the discussion was entertaining and insightful the whole way through! I became
a TastyTrader just a few months ago and have already seen my progress grow by leaps and bounds thanks to everyone at TastyTrade.

I was glad I got to meet both you briefly today during the ending trivia game when I made it to the end (although I blew on that last question) and hope to see you guys at more events in the future!

All the best,

Matt from Detroit

Love the DING!

I’ve heard Tom and Tony speak of price improvement many times, but I didn’t realize it applied to stock positions. I just thought it was for options.

I languished in a poor, long ADT stock position for a month. I had a resting order to close at $9.60. Today, I failed to realize the stock had gapped up overnight and opened above my resting order to close. My order filled .15 higher! I was willing to take a .35 cent profit. Instead I received a .50 cent profit. That’s 42% more money! Hooray for price improvement!

Thank you TastyTrade and TastyWorks


Thank you for all you do!

Thank you so much for the valuable information you provide to your followers!!

I am still working on building up my Canadian trading account funding, but have been practicing with paper trades to make trading options a daily routine. I am so excited about the education I have received from tastytrade, I really believe I can make some profitable trades in the near future. I am 53 years old and my goal is to be able to retire in 5-7 years and still have an income with trading options.

Best regards,

Danette L

Outstanding Support!

Just wanted to let you folks know how much my wife and I appreciate tastytrade/works customer support… we have mailed the ACAT form to transfer $5k to “test” the platform and if that goes well we will transfer all to tastyworks. Your Customer Support is excellent and very, very patient and wanted to let you know that...

Don & Annette

Just sending my Appreciation

OK, let me get my confession out first. I worked in a hedge fund as an economist and strategist between 1994-2010. Since then I have been working for myself trading my own capital. I use technical analysis and i also use fundamental economic analysis to shape my trading. that's out of the way.....

I wanted to say a big thanks to you for opening up a very different style of trading to me. I now employ IV rank and (primarily) selling strangles as a strategy that sits very neatly alongside other strategies in my portfolio. I think your logic and research-based strategies are truly excellent. Many many thanks for what you provide and for how you do it. Big fan of all of you, but Dr. Jim.......brilliant!

Again, many thanks on many levels.

Joe R.

Kudos to the Trade Managers

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks for the outstanding work you are doing. I'm especially loving " trade managers " with Mike Butler and baby Bat. Mike you drive this show like you have a doctorate in this stuff!! and Nick your grasp of the intricacies of greeks is amazing. Trust me ..i've been trying to teach myself options for the past seven years and i've learned more in the the last month as a new tastytrader than all the garbage i acquired over the years.i just want to say please guys don't ever get tired of going over the same concepts over and over again because you are helping me tremendously. i am hooked to the point i bought a laptop last week so i could sneak episodes at work. Also i'm aware " wdis: back in the game " ends soon but could you find a way to resurrect it somehow? pondering the especially abstract options concepts through the eyes of a new trader is a priceless teaching tool.Kudos to everyone !!!

Michael D.

Loved the Web of Greeks on Trade Managers!

Good job outa' you Nicky and Mike on the Web of Greeks.

This 3 - D diagram and your detailed explanation of which one fits in which sector, gave me an aha, moment.

I have been studying strategies and trying to get a better feel for which to use when so this is timely for me.

I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to digest them to this point.

I'll add it to my play list for my son to follow in my footsteps once he has a bit more time and has his stake to trade built up.

Have a great weekend.


Janice in Whistler

You probably get this all the time...

Hey Tastytrade!

I know you guys get love stories all the time, but here goes.

This is the first time in the six or so years I've been actively trading that I've seen the two steps forward, one step back cliche realized in my P/L. The only difference is that I'm now realizing something closer to five steps forward, one step back.

I just closed out my third cycle with a full portfolio, and it was the first time I took losses that weren't just bonehead beginner mistakes, and,
while I was hesitant to admit defeat, I looked at the effect on my P/L and I was blown away how things have changed. Even after booking the losses, I was still up about 7%. In six years of trading, I've never been up 7%...ever.

I'm also realizing how much I love this kind of pace. I used to be in and out in seconds or minutes in the futures market, always stressing about getting stopped out and trying to Jedi mind trick price up above my targets. That doesn't happen anymore. Now, I can put on my positions and have time to take in all of the little clues- how one piece of news affects this sector or that, or how my Greeks are affected, or why to stop putting on call spreads in a rising market. I was never able to capture those lessons while I was stressing out over the meaningless space of a couple of ticks.

I'm stoked to see where the year will end up, especially when I can now reasonably expect a win/loss ratio somewhere in the 70s%. All of this is thanks completely to the indescribably awesome material you guys have put up. Between Jim and Brittany's show and everyone answering my weepy emails, I've gone from not understanding spreads to "I need to shed some deltas...why hello, GLD."

Just let me know when you need someone for Rising Stars ; )

Parker P

Great dividend matrix from the Trade Managers!

Hey you two (Nick and Mike)...the dividend format depicting up and coming dividends and their respective approximate amounts was super helpful.

Thanks for doing that.


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