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I was on a conference call sponsored by Trade Like Chuck last night with over 25 people on the call. The subject of fees on brokerage houses came up. When I told everyone about Tastytrade everyone gasped and asked me for more info. I just told them to go to the website and all the information will be there. I also shared the same information with my morning group. I'm so excited about the future.


United Airlines 747 Captain.

PEACE OUT Financial Advisor!

Dear Tom and Tony,

Thank you so much for the work you do.

In 2008 I was scared out of the market after applying the failed strategy of picking a direction and buying single calls and puts. I lost about 30% of my $3000 which was devastating to me, not because of the lost money, but because I felt the learning curving was too great for someone that's not in the field of finance. I even went into debt $5,000 to pay for an Investools course which motivated me, but did little to teach me on the subjects I wanted to learn. At that time, there was just no way for someone in college with little money to learn how to trade. It seemed like the only people making money were the people selling education to those who already had achieved wealth. That is until TastyTrade.

I was introduced to TastyTrade when I first watched "Mike and his Whiteboard" on adjusting Iron Condors. I knew the mechanics of Iron Condors but was always scared of my potential max loss. After viewing the video, I felt so enlightened. "You don't have to accept max loss if you adjust the wings on the untested side of the trade"? It was brilliantly simple. Since then I was hooked on TastyTrade.

After watching for a few months and making about 60 trades over 3 months, I decided to leave my financial advisor and manage my own account. He looked at me and laughed at the idea that someone would take on so much risk with options trading. To which I politely explained a very important concept I learned from you. Options trading is actually less risky when using the right strategies to trade around a core position, managing deltas, reduce cost-basis, and adjust directional bias with your own comfort level. I then showed him the list of mutual funds he had me in and explained that a huge portion of my portfolio were in funds Beta Weighted at 0.995. I asked him "Why am I paying you 1.35% of my entire account to get me into mutual funds that charges me another 0.8% for something that trade identically to SPY?" I knew I was making the right decision to leave when he had a hard time understanding Deltas, Beta Weighting, and using options to reduce cost basis. He was also puzzled when I told him I felt more at risk with highly correlated and directionally opinionated mutual funds than managing my own neutral trades and reducing cost basis. I won't mention the company but the initials are E and J.

My current account is performing far better than my previous portfolio. TastyTrade has given me the confidence and the tools to trade successfully. The last piece of the puzzle is keeping my commissions low because currently they eat up about 50% of my profits. However, TastyWorks has now solved that.

TastyTrade has changed my life and helped me secure my financial future. In return, you've only asked that people watch your content and educate themselves. You both have empowered me through the content you provide and never asked for money. I can't thank you enough for the hard work you put into TastyTrade. You've gained my loyalty and my deepest appreciation. Now the only probability I can't calculate is whether or not I can pull off a TastyTrade beret in public. I also need to dust off the old TOS monkey now that it could be a collector's item.

Thank you

John C.

Changing Lives Everyday

Mark me down as one who had his life change for the better because of tastytrade. Gave me new purpose for sure.

My family and I are forever grateful.

Happy New Year!


Charlie K.

It does work!

Hi Tom and Tony,

I was running some spreadsheet analysis on my portfolio performance year to date and my percentage of winning trades was 77% since I began "tastytrading" six months ago. Being new to tastytrading, this is the first time I've had a chance to run the numbers on my trading history and see the math really does work when you trade options correctly. I'm ending 2016 up 10% (a number I'm happy with given I've only been tastytrading for six months), and this is the first year I've ever made money trading on my own.

Thanks, and Happy New Year to you and your families.


Game Changers!

You guys are amazing! I'm so proud to support what you are doing. Thank you for your unwavering vision and uncompromising efforts to create a better path for all of us. It's going to be an exciting year and the future is bright. And it's because of you guys and your team. Thank you and Happy New Year!


Changing Lives

Dear Tom & Tony,

Thank you for the tremendous work you have been doing over the years, you have really changed my life. Not only in the trading, business and risk assessment but also developed the skill to stick with something and keep working, learning and grinding for the long run(life) to make it work. It's a pretty amazing process to build something based on your own actions, and sticking with strategies that you and the team developed.

2016 Results:
A major drop at the beginning of the year... Earnings Play LinkedIn - Way Too big. (dropped almost 50% after earnings as you might recall) At the time I was reading all kinds of stuff from different sources on how to trade options... and after this big mistake I told myself to either quit OR continue with just one source on how to trade options to make the money back. (it was around 50K, big chunk of my well earned savings, so this event was pretty scary) Well, after studying you guys 3/4 hours a day ever since, the results speak for themselves :-) Not there yet, but it's working, was up 41% from the low in February right before the trump rally.

Booked a ticket last week from Amsterdam to personally introduce you to some delicious Dutch treats during the Philadelphia event. Providing you guys with overseas treats is the least I could do. ;-)

Happy New Year and good luck with the launch of tastyworks!

Tom B.

Undergraduate Hotelschool Student (if a waiter can do this, anyone can ;) )

Continuing to Raise The Bar!

Years ago I had the privilege of speaking to a group and was asked to do a bit of an inspirational type thing. I spoke about a man who owned a small sandwich place open for breakfast and lunch. He always did more than his customers paid for and in addition to that, he always offered his guests friendship and courtesy. He remembered me once when I went in
for lunch after having moved away for several years. I talked about his being a leader in his business community and a number of other things unique to him. I concluded by saying that Mr. Vega is successful not because of what he sells, but because of what he gives away. Listening to you talk about what you are offering your customers this morning reminded me of Mr. Vega and that occasion. Your company is the same - successful not because of what you sell, but because of what you give away.

Thank you.


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Thanks For a Great 2016


After paying the equivalent of 2 Teslas and a Harvard MBA in 2013-14 I think I’ve stabilized and am in the Tasty Nation success column.

2015: 12% ROC net

2016: (all numbers are net of fees)

Futures: 18 winners and 5 losers - 78%

LESSON: Stay small and wait till you are right.

Options, etc: 56 winners and 22 losers - 72%

LESSON: Stay small, trade often and manage at 50% profit, or less based on time held.

ROC as of 7 AM today 49.5%


I love you guys :-)




2 Years FREE of Bob the Trader?

You guys never cease to amaze.....I applaud thee!

Joe's two cents

I'm Still Listening!

Hi Tom and Tony,

I heard a question the other day about what percentage of people continue to listen to you that started way back with you. Hence I am writing. I want to let you know that I continue to trade with you every day. You guys are my trading partners. I don't usually call because everything has been good and I just have not had any questions.I have had a fantastic year in spite of being somewhat short most of the time. One great lesson I have learnt from you is "stay small". By staying small, I am able to throw more capital in when I am big time wrong. This helps me not to fight the market too much .

I want to thank you both for everything you do. Thanks to you, I have had a fantastic year.

Keep up the good work. All the best for tastyworks


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