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Love Letters Viewer Emails

Just saying hi!

Tom / Tony,

I know I have not sent any emails for some time but I just wanted to say thanks to every one at tasytrade and tastyworks. You have given us the power to trade, defend and as you know the market moves.
I am watching you ALL the time. Dr. Jim, Liz &JNY, Pete, everyone.

Basil K.

BAT and Howard are Fantastic Together

Every time you do that segment with Howard, I learn a ton.

Thanks man.



Love Beef's New Show!

GREAT SHOW! Keep the segments coming. Very informative and supports trader confidence to trade.


Frank C.

tasty's Top Trio

I am an avid fan of Tastytrade and I love, love, love the live shows esp in the mornings. I listen with my earphones on at work and my coworkers can't seem to understand how a finance/money show can be so funny. You guys (Tom, Tony and Vonetta) absolutely make my day.. The chemistry between the three of you is awesome. When one of you are gone, even though the show is still good, it's just not the same. I think I would watch you guys even if I were not into trading because you all are hilarious. And Beth has the difficult job of trying to reign you in.

Please tell Vonetta she was definitely missed and I am sooooo glad she is back and her surgery went well. Forget CNN and MSNBC, I get my news from her and she keeps me updated on top TV shows, pop culture, sports, world events and whatever else is trending.

Thank you for all the content you share everyday.


Thanks, From an Old Floor Trader

Hi Tom,

First I want to say that I have been following tastytrade for about a year and I am a big fan .A little background about myself, I am an old floor guy from the NY Merc, I started on the floor in 1980’s. I am from Westchester NY. After the floor closed I still wanted to trade so instead of trading oil or NG from a computer which as you know is insane, I started trading equities. I was always a spread trader on the floor never really having the stomach for outrights. When i started trading equities from a PC at home I realized I didn’t want to trade single stock outrights either. After months of have some success selling puts I came across tastytrade which was exactly what I needed to learn and grow as an options trader, I am now a total tastytrade junky, I feel like a wide eyed kid again learning trading all over again like the early days on the trading floor in the early 80‘s. I have always been the type of person that loves challenges, and I’m loving this awesome learning curve I am on with tastytrade. Keep turning out the awesome content.


Lee F.


Hello Tom:

It was a great pleasure to meet you in person and attend your talk. We attended with our family.

I have enjoyed and learned a lot from you and tastytrade.

Thank you for everything you are doing for financial world. Lot of nice coaching.

Kiran S.

Great Segment with Gene Simmons!

Gene was awesome today. We have to get him on at least once a month!

Anthony L.

Loved the Live Event!

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and the entire team for a great show in Detroit this morning. All of the talks were great and the discussion was entertaining and insightful the whole way through! I became
a TastyTrader just a few months ago and have already seen my progress grow by leaps and bounds thanks to everyone at TastyTrade.

I was glad I got to meet both you briefly today during the ending trivia game when I made it to the end (although I blew on that last question) and hope to see you guys at more events in the future!

All the best,

Matt from Detroit

Love the DING!

I’ve heard Tom and Tony speak of price improvement many times, but I didn’t realize it applied to stock positions. I just thought it was for options.

I languished in a poor, long ADT stock position for a month. I had a resting order to close at $9.60. Today, I failed to realize the stock had gapped up overnight and opened above my resting order to close. My order filled .15 higher! I was willing to take a .35 cent profit. Instead I received a .50 cent profit. That’s 42% more money! Hooray for price improvement!

Thank you TastyTrade and TastyWorks


Thank you for all you do!

Thank you so much for the valuable information you provide to your followers!!

I am still working on building up my Canadian trading account funding, but have been practicing with paper trades to make trading options a daily routine. I am so excited about the education I have received from tastytrade, I really believe I can make some profitable trades in the near future. I am 53 years old and my goal is to be able to retire in 5-7 years and still have an income with trading options.

Best regards,

Danette L

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