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Thanks for the daily recap

Tasty team,

Thanks for these recap summaries that you publish daily. They help me to zero in on segments/topics that I miss during the day and find interesting to review. Keep this activity up!

William R.

Great research!

Great research with great explanations and expectations. Better than services I had to pay for. Thank you.

- KB

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Thanks for the Cherry Picks!

Wow, very impressive! I like this, most pertinent, most useful report I've ever seen as a stock report! Lots of research in this - soak'in it up.

- MH

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tastytrade Success

Met with my accountant yesterday to sign my tax return and got a great compliment from him, as I was writing the biggest check of my life (to the Department of the Treasury). He said,"you ought to train a class in what you do". I smiled and said

Thanks for all you do.


My eureka moment!

To Tom, Tony and the entire crew at tasty trade,

Over 15 years ago, I began educating myself about the market, and dreamt of hopefully one day becoming a stock and options trader. I paid thousands of $$ to learn the secrets to trading. After leaving multiple seminars with plenty of 3 ring binders and "discounts" on future seminars, the dream became more and more elusive. I still was hopeful that if I had plenty of $$ to play the game, pay for more seminars and charting services, eventually I could get there. Then marriage and family came along, and I put trading on the shelf for a bit, knowing that one day I would pick up where I left off. So about four months ago, I decided to get back in it. I began searching for content, trying to avoid paying for a subscription service, and while listening to a podcast, I was introduced to the concept of probability trading ( eureka! ) and the crew over at tastytrade was mentioned. I immediately went to and was hooked - I was HOME - Finally. I don't go a day without tuning into as much live content as I can and what I miss I listen to on my commute home from work. I am still working on that education and holding on to the dream, but now have a better "probability" of making it happen, thanks to tastytrade. Can't wait to see you all in Philly!

Michael C.

Great Tax Segment

Hats off to Kristi. She did a great job on the tax presentation today. She was so good not even Bat needed to help her!

You should have her do more tax presentations. I liked her idea of something more regular. Then she wouldn't have to talk at warp speed.

Kristi - that was unfair of them to have you do 20 slides in 20 minutes. Great job and Thank you for the info

Scott H.

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What I Wish I Knew

Katie & Nick,

Just wanted to let you know the strategy matrix you two just presented on your show today is AWESOME! I want to be sure and download it so I can share it with some of my friends who aren't quite as familiar with the different strategies you can employ.


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Don't Panic!

Hi Katie and Nick,

Great job on your latest WDIS show. I am still (after about a year) a new trader. Your latest shows are really helping me understand some key concepts and glue a lot of it together.

I really liked the "don't panic" show.

Keep it up!

Best Regards,


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Love the Cherry Picks today!

Awesome job, as always on the Cherry Picks...Well done!! And I look for the surprise piece, there always seems to be one.


Great Presentation!

Hello Tom and everyone else at tastytrade,

Thank you all for your time, effort, and generosity in providing all that you do. I enjoyed your presentation in Los Angeles. I have been listening to the shows for over a year and the information has changed how I view life. I like how you disregard popular ideas and research in your development of tastytrade. This influenced me to ignore the noise and skepticism, and to focus on my ideas and creativity without feeling obligated to survey everything that has been published.

My trading is good too. I just have to recover from some size and correlation mistakes in the futures.

Thanks again,
Greg H.

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