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Elevating My Knowledge...


I just wanted to say thank your for all that you do. I have learned so much from you guys since joining tastytrade in October 2015. The content you provide has elevated my options and trading knowledge to a level that has far surpassed anything I previously learned in my prior 3 years of option education and trading. I have attended Tom's events in NYC at the Traders Expo and the TD market event and look forward to seeing you both on the 2017 tour when you return to New York.

Happy Holidays to both of you.


Superb Service

BTW, your customer service rocks. EVERY single interaction I've had with these folks has been a superb experience. Mind you, I'm generally an a**hole and rarely use any company's customer support. I jump through hoops to avoid it. They are usually morons and in no way helpful, across the board. Whereas I enjoy dealing with your people. Knowledgeable, prompt, just plain a pleasant experience every time. So please give them an attaboy...

Tony L

Can't Wait for 2017

Hi Guys:

Long time no check in. I'm actually an attorney by profession; I started a new job this past August, so I've had less time to devote to trading, though I have been reasonably active, and sticking to the TT basics I learned.

The results since trading a la TT since around January '14 are as follows:

63% total return, which comes to about 17.85% annualized. The key thing is that I used only a fraction of the buying power in a six figure (portfolio margin) account. Even with the inevitable "problem children," this is pretty respectable given how little risk I took, relatively speaking.

By way of comparison, over this same time frame the S&P returned (including reinvested dividends) about 25.5%, or 8.36%.

More than double the return with a fraction of the risk. That certainly deserves a rather large THANK YOU.

Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing about the new brokerage and having the time to check out the show again.

All the best,

What Makes Us Successful


Love the show. You and Nick should change the name of the show for the new year now that it's matured. Something along the lines of "Stay Mechanical" or "Stick to the Mechanics"...something that relates to one of the core principals that you always push about mechanics. It really is what makes all tastytraders ultimately successful.


Great segment on "The Box"


Great segment last Tuesday on 'The Box' with your dad. Fair value adds up over a years worth of trading.

Have a great two weeks vacation. "I used to never go to the bathroom when I was on the floor." Ha!

Merry Christmas to the excellent tastytrade/dough support team!

Rip in Atlanta

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Greetings from Ireland

I have been watching the shows for the past few weeks and I want to thank the team for everything you have created. It is the by far the best available online content and software regarding option trading and tutorials on the subject. I am greatly appreciative of the knowledge and support I have gained from tastytrade on converting to option trading. And it's an awesome show!

- Gary P.

Proving all my friend wrong


I just wanted to update you on my trading and of course thank you again for all that you do.

First some background to put some context on just how life changing tastytrade has been for me. I'll be brief as I know you guys get 1000s of emails a day.

I found you guys on YouTube back in 2013 and have been a daily watcher ever since. I followed along in demo accounts until I received the first part of my inheritance a few months ago. I wanted to hit the ground running and did exactly that!

When I told my friends and family my plans, they all said I was nuts and shouldn't do it. They were afraid all those "pros" would take all my money and that I was being a naive college drop out to think I could compete with some of the "smartest" people in the world. They supported my decision to take my shot, expecting me to come back with my tail between my legs. That was four months ago.... Needless to say, I proved them wrong.

Due to the size of my account($25K), I have been trading futures as I feel they are more efficient than listed options. I understand leverage and am very comfortable managing sizable risk. Including commissions, which are approx $3500 YTD (My X-mas card from TD better be in the mail), I am pleased to tell you that I am up over 60% YTD!! You guys have given me not only the know-how, but more importantly the confidence to stick to my guns and pursue my dreams.

Sorry for the length, and no need to respond, but I had to let you guys know just how much of an impact you guys make on us viewer's lives. I know as traders we sometimes feel like were banging our heads against the wall especially when markets aren't accommodating us, and it can be a very lonely when we lose because who wants to hear about us "greedy" traders losing more in a day than most people make in a month. Lord knows I have turned you guys on for laughs and to help me get through those times and hopefully this email will do the same next time you guys get to that point too.


P.S. Bat, I'm a fellow paesan' from the tri-state so please take that in to consideration when reviewing my PISTA app!!

Up and Onward!

Hello Tom and Tony,

No reply necessary. Just a quick note to say how excited I am about the new evolution of tastytrade and how appreciative I am for everything you've been doing over the past few years.

Thanks and onward!


Making dreams come true!

Can't wait for the new firm. We will have our money to you guys in no time! What you guys have provided has given us a chance to go after our dream and currently making it happen! Can't thank you guys enough!!



Your Attitude is Contagious

Hey BAT,

I just wanted to say that I have been watching everyday for about 4 hours for about 2 months now. Your happy-go-lucky attitude unknowingly influences others like myself. You have such a great attitude and it helps me get a good start to the day. Sometimes we emulate those we respect. I think you fall into that category. Thank you sir!!

- Will

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