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tastytrader's around the world!

Just a quick note to say thank you for everything you do and everything you’ve taught me.

My equity curve over the last 3 months has continued to go up.

This wouldn’t have happened without you.

Much love and respect from the UK. Looking forward to TOS coming back to these shores.



Dr. Data at it again!


Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Dr. Data for this Excel spreadsheet, “Option Pricing Calculator" from todays The Skinny On Options Data. It is very helpful for me and for those I teach.

Keep up the amazing work


Shawn O

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Finally in the Game!

This year has been a breakout year for me. I have turned a profit using options and futures after 3 years of learning (the first 2 years I was not following tastytrade).

My Cash account is up 33%, while my IRA (the bulk of my funds) is up 7.4%.

Thanks for all you guys do!


Dr. Data brings another game changer!

Tom -

Dr. Data's spreadsheet = game changer.


Charlie in Florida

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Older, but still a rising star!

Hi Tom,

I loved today's Rising Star because my wife watched it, and then we discussed how Skip's experience was similar to (and different from) my experience.(click here to watch the segment!)

Tom- you were great at Toronto**. I talked to you after, and told you how my wife now turns tastytrade on (roku) each morning for me ever since I told her how much more $ I've made since following your method. I'm not like a rising star because I have been trading for 16 years. I started selling puts about 12 years ago after reading a lot of academic research. I've never had a losing year but since moving to your much more scientific approach my return has more than doubled.

So, it isn't just newer traders that learn from you!

Thank you,


You are changing lives!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the INCREDIBLE research you are pumping out. The last 2 weeks you are KILLING it! Because of your hard work and "thinking outside the box", I have become much more confident as an individual trader because I have "statistics" to hang my hat on versus always going "commando"! HA HA! It's nice to have a great pair of high quality "researched" underwear instead having to go let it "all hang out" all the time.

Anywho.... I just wanted to encourage you ALL and say how much you are changing lives out here. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! Don't give up when you get bored or discouraged. Just know that we "need you"!

Thank you again and please ask Tom for a raise and just show him this email to justify it! HA HA!


Jon R.

Love these spreadsheets!

Thanks for the Stock outcomes probabilities review.

I review all of your projections good and bad!!!


Lou C.

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Seeing the light!

I've only been really actively trading for the last month or so. What got me interested in what the hell was going on with my portfolio was the fact that my "safe" bond mutual fund in my 401k was up something like 13% over the year. This made me angry because anything that can appreciate in value that quickly is not a stable investment, so I started doing research on bonds, yield curves, etc, and eventually the internet took me to tastytrade and dough. I have been learning so much from watching your show, doing research, and trading small and often. I am a full-time software engineer at large health insurance company, so I can really appreciate all the work that has gone into building out dough, it must be awesome to get to develop a product that is so engaging.

I have been waking up at the market open and try and make at least one trade a day, sometimes I don't find anything worth trading, sometimes I end up making a bunch of trades. Either way, I am engaged now in my portfolio. Currently my P/L is about break-even, I've had more winners than losers, and most of my options are set to expire in October so I should start seeing positive returns from theta decay.

I told my Dad to consider using options as part of his portfolio, and his initial reaction was that it is too risky. I asked him what his max loss on a stock purchase is and to explain to me why there is less risk involved in long stock than selling out of the money options. He's now started selling covered calls in his Roth IRA.

Keep up the good work and I'll keep trading.


A true pleasure

Dear Tasty Trade Team:

Watching your evidence-based content is truly a pleasure on a daily basis.

Many thanks!

Vahid, MD, MPH

Love the Recap!

Hi Katie,

Just to let you know how much I appreciate your recaps - I listen everyday and wherever I heard it, who needs NFLX? Not that I won't trade it...

All humor aside, I get caught up in a trade or whatever, and miss what is relevant - so that's where this email comes in. I started trying to go back to DAY ONE of all the archives, but realized that was going to be close to impossible considering all the great content your team delivers, but more importantly, that little by little, I am becoming a Tasty Trader - and proud of it!

Have a great night,

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