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With love from The Netherlands!

Dear tastytrade Nation,

I just found out about tastytrade a couple of weeks ago. Just take this as a complement. Could you please stop making shows / content? It’s so great that I can hardly keep up!

Great Job you all for disrupting the financial industry. Keep up the good work. I just want to share this with you.

Kind Regards,

Iwan V.
The Netherlands

Commission Comparison is a game changer!

I just watched your "Skinny on Options Data Science" segment. The Brokerage Commissions Comparison spreadsheet is very insightful.

This explains why I haven't been able to make money over the past 10+ yrs, even though I follow all the Tasty Trade principles. Commission rates are killing me year after year.


click here to watch the segment!

Thank you!

Hi tastytrade,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the informative and fun shows you have up. I'm a big fan of Tom, Tony, and Vonetta, and I appreciate the work your research team does. You all have helped me learn so much!

With my best wishes,Kiki

Excited to be a part of tastyworks success

Hey tastytrade/tastyworks - I finally got my invitation!!!! Yippee!!! I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for what you guys are doing. Tom and Scott (and the gang) are amazing. I am truly excited to be a part of your success. After discovering tastytrade about 4 yrs ago, my success as a trader is steadily improving. One day I will be a rising star.Just the reduction in commissions will add back at least 20 to 25% return to my profitability. WOW - can any other brokerage firm say that? Plus - by firing my "investment advisor" at RBC (who hasn't done anything for me) - I will add back to my account another 1% - which equates to a nice chunk of change. I am starting to get excited about this, just by sending you guys an e-mail.
I look forward to meeting Liz and Jenny when they come to Houston (oh I forgot to mention Tom and Bat) for the He Said She Said tour. You guys are truly turning the financial world upside down - one trader at a time.

Again - Thanks

Neal B.

Wishing You All Continued Success


It was a great pleasure to meet all of you a the He/She tour last Saturday in Chicago. I wish to thank you and all the others for a great show, great time, and a great little game - thanks for the cash.

I've been around for awhile and signed up for other financial programs- some free, some costly. None hold a candle to the content, delivery, sincerity, unique/rare strategies, and do I say consistently positive results that you provide on a daily basis. You truly are a special group who give so much and ask for nothing in return - humanitarians and rock-stars in the world of finance.

I wish you continued success with Tastytrade and new found success with Tastyworks. I'm sure, like your previous endeavors, you will make it big and will have a tasty-nation supporting you every step of the way.

Unfortunately, there was not enough time to meet everyone there to thank personally, so please pass along my gratitude to the rest of the team.


Mark G

Shout out to Dr. Jim!

Hi Jim,

No reason to respond to this. I know how busy all of you are.

Your show is fantastic!!! So important!

All of the WDIS series is invaluable! Dare I say it's the best financial content on the web.

Please keep it up! I'm learning so much!


Rusty S.

Love the Follow Page!

Hey Team....Huge Shoutout!

Just want you to know how effective the follow page on the tastyworks platform is and how extremely helpful it is. Even though I look for my own trades in the evenings, I work full time and I can look at the follow page when new trades pop up and instantly know if it's going to fit my portfolio and can "duplicate trade" into my own. Im not sure if you understand how this is already improving the TSTO mantra, but improving my overall correlation and types of trades in my portfolio increasing my overall success while I am at work no less!

Thank you! Hugs, Kisses, and Peace!


The Varsity Team of professionals

Hey Ryan:

Thanks for answering my inquiry in reference to tastyworks funding application process. I appreciate the entire staff who truly epitome the Varsity Team of professionals. I am green of course but I continue stay engaged to enhance my learning. I am an older graduate student attending Washington University in St. Louis. I am energized by telling students about the tastytrade/tastyworks Trading Network. I got off the waiting list and will be present at the He said She said event in Chicago. Thanks Britt also! Peace!

Darrell from St. Louis

"Don't have the time" LOL!


I have been a tastytrade disciple for some time and constantly talk about options and self directed investing to whoever I meet. I always tell people to go to tastytrade for the best free finance education.

Eventually, I see the people I meet and ask them if they checked out the site. Most people say they did. Then I asked if they watched any videos or learned anything. That's when all the crap comes out that they didn't have time or I've got to really get into it.

I don't get it. People care more about FB and Snapchat than learning how to invest their own hard earned money. Go figure.

It frustrates me that people DON'T GET IT.

Keep fighting the fight boys. I'm in ur corner.


A loyal tastytrader for life


Groupie from Ethiopia!

Tom , Tony and the Tastytrade group. You really have no idea how much you have changed me as far as investing is concerned. I am the math guy, I am the accountant, economics and legal. I graduated from School of Economics ad accounting minoring in mathematics. I am the one who calculated the mean, standard deviation, the mode and all the Greeks...But, you put it all together for me. I love you guys and have no clue how much time I have spent watching you. I am from the remote of the world. Way out there in the remote areas of Ethiopia. Close to the Rift Valley...Where I came from , there is not much civilization... Thanks for all the things you have done here.. I am a Tasty Nation groupee.... Seife

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