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Thank you tastytrade!

I started trading with you in early 2017, moving completely to options - I learned a lot, and had a break even year. In 2018, I had the best possible thing happen - I got greedy entering into the year by going too big, and got badly burned with the January run up in the market. I spent the rest of the first quarter licking my wounds and thinking through my many mistakes. Then I really started applying the rules you teach and battled back to recover about 70% of the losses by year’s end. But now I know more strategies, I know to stay small, I know when and how to roll, and I know to manage my winners!

I’m better prepared for 2019, and can’t wait to make the first trade of the year! Every word written below is true - you guys provide an amazing service. More than anything, I trust you - and that says it all.

Trade on!

What a year!

Tasty Teams-
Thank you for all you guys do, I sincerely appreciate it. Looking forward to being your customer for many years to come, hopefully with increasing size.

Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

Christopher S.

Happy new year!

First, congratulations on your success.

It is definitely well earned by your commitment and effort along with the dedication each and every one of your staff shows us as your clients whether we are watching your presentation, working out a trade on the platform, or only contact TT for information.

I sincerely wish you and everyone at TT a wonderful, happy, blessed, and successful 2019!

You truly are making a difference and even beyond setting a new standard in the industry, you’ve totally changed the entire paradigm regarding what a financial services organization can and should be.

Alan J

Happy New Year, Team!

Bat and Tom,

Thank you for another great year of trading guidance and research. This was year 5 for me following TastyTrade and trading options, and my best year with options. TastyTrade definitely shortened my learning curve.

Look forward to seeing you both at the Money Show in Orlando in February.

Happy New Year, and look forward to another great year in 2019!

Best regards,

Lamar M

Thanks for the help!

Hey Bat,

Just wanted to say thank you- I just closed a short TSLA strangle that I put on in September (back before Musk changed the earnings date) and just closed it before the bell for around a 40% profit.

I know that I must’ve emailed you a boat load of times, and annoyed the crap out of you, over the 16 adjustments I made in the trade (when to roll/ where to roll/ blah blah blah) and just wanted to say thanks because I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without your help.

Hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


Trade Desk Compliment

I just want to compliment you on how professional and awesome your trade desk folks are. Every time I call they are very personable, incredibly helpful and it’s almost like talking to a buddy of mine. In my line of work I have to deal with AT&T and Verizon customer service and they always have their boilerplate sayings that they have to spew like “so how is your overall experience been with Verizon” or “would you recommend us” or “AT&T really values your business and we’re committed to providing you the best possible service” – makes me want to vomit because none of it is sincere and it just wastes my time! Not to mention that you’re probably talking to a call center in another country.

When I talk to you guys it’s easy, efficient and most of all very helpful. I know I can call you guys for anything and I appreciate the fact that you don’t keep me on the phone with BS.

Keep up the great work and please do not ever adopt the customer service tactics of Verizon and AT&T.



Thanks to the Support Team

Just want to take a moment to say Thank You to the team for answering all my questions today (Mike, Nick)! Truly appreciate you all and what you are doing! I wish I had more hours in the day to soak up all the great content you all are producing! Keep up the great work!


Quick Thanks!

Let me take this opportunity to relay to you my thanks and deep appreciation for all that you’ve done to help us “regular folks” understand contrarian trading. I’ve got about 25 positions on now and pulling wins off (and dealing with UNG, AAPL and AMZN right now of course), and I’ve never been more confident in my ability to do this and come out on top. Why? Because of your excellent education and the incredible time and detail you’ve put into your shows and education.

It’s changing the future of my family and community. Thank you.

Mark L.

Hey team!

I like your attitude, your phone and email support, and your music.

And I think you’re making me smarter.

- Stuart

To Mike and Nick

Dear Nick and Mike

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your shows and am grateful for all your hard work. Doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

Have a great show!

Ingrid T.

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