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Great MoneyShow!

Hi Tom , drove two hours in traffic from Cambridge. Was well worth it! Have only been a viewer of the show for about eight months. Thanks to finding Mike and his white board on YouTube. I'm new to options have learned more in that time from tastytrade then from anything out there.

Thanks for the lecture and the time after the show.


"You are Fixable!"

Hello Tom,

This week I went to a 3 day course from ************* (I had enrolled for that about 4 months ago before I found tastytrade). I did not want to go now, but I thought, I paid for it, so I may as well go. Our instructor was a very well dressed, very capable sales guy who after only one hour gave us the costs for the “complete” teaching programs (US 25,000 - $70,000!!!!). They base those programs on a patent they hold about reading charts with supply and demand channels. He repeated several times his mentor was *********** who was a floor trader in Chicago for over 16 years.

Since I was the only assistant with options experience, he asked me questions repeatedly, which I could all answer (that made me happy), but then he started to change tactics: " You say you know about options, so what influence does Rho have on option prices?”. I have not spent a lot of time studying that greek (so I could not answer it precise) but was then taught very fast, that after Vega it was the most important greek, whereas Delta was the one with less importance. After more discussion points at the end of today, he said to me: “But don’t worry Claudia, I can fix you!”

Now I am only angry that I lost 3 days of tastytrade and had some moments where this instructor managed to make me feel insecure again about my trading. But then I saw the other participants talking about how they could finance those learning programs, and one of them signed a contract about making payments for the next 3 years for an US60,000 teaching program. I mentioned tastytrade to several of the students and showed them your website which earns me angry stares from the instructors, hopefully I could help some of the students to make the right decision.

Happy that I am “fixable” at the end of the day. Will check out the tastytrade taped shows of the last 3 days.

Happy weekend.


Thanks for Trader Appreciation Day!

Hi tastyworks and tastytrade teams!

I just wanted to take some time to give you guys a big THANK YOU for Trader's Appreciation Day!!!

It was very useful, exciting, fun and a great opportunity to tell friends at work about tastyworks and tastytrade.

Thanks for all you guys do!


Nelson C.

It's all coming together now!

Hi Tom,

I've been trading since last month on the new platform and have realized about 8-10% of invested funds, and continue to fund the account. After following your broadcasts for a few years now, with the new platform,
everything you advocate has finally all come together into such a well-organized systematic approach. Can't wait to see what you do next as you lead the industry forward!

Thank you,

Drew T.

Trader Appreciation Day

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the free commissions! I will be spending my birthday doing my favorite thing and for practically free. Many Thanks for the knowledge, the fun, and everything else, tastytrade does for me and everyone. I greatly appreciate it.


Barbara Z.

Proud of My 12 Year Old

Good morning Tom and Tony.

Yesterday I saw my 12 year old overcoming his nerves and call you on your show to talk to you. I started to learn about trading only this year (didn’t know what an option was before) and Nicolas started to watch over my shoulders during the summer holidays. He is so excited, learning not only about trading (watching Where do I start episodes…), but about general economy and asking related questions and wanting to enter in this field in university in 6 years.

He already gave you many thanks yesterday, but I need to say my own to you, taking him seriously and answering his emails. People have been giving him kind of strange looks when he mentions he is learning about trading, because people just don’t understand why a kid would do that. My husband and I are encouraging him to go ahead, giving him all the support he needs, like that money show in Dallas where he is soooo excited of going in October.

I am tremendously enjoying talking to my “baby” about volatility effects on options pricing using all your tasty trade material and seeing him understanding the general ideas much faster than I did.

Keep the good work up.

Best regards,

Claudia (Proud mom of Nicolas from Frisco)

With Love from New Zealand!


Was just listening to you chatting about tastytrade. Just wanted to let you know I listen to you from Auckland, New Zealand. I have to watch a lot of the replays because you guys are yacking while im sleeping, but i get up early. Just opened an account, but just starting out with options. I opened the account with you guys because NO ONE else is teaching people how to trade options like you guys.

Keep up the great work.
Cheers, Richard

The tastytrader difference

I just want to give you guys a big thank you. I was talking to my neighbor today who paid 2k for trading lessons utilizing "indicators". When these indicators lined up he would buy an option in order to control a larger notional value than what he could with his funds via stock. He didnt understand why his options were in the money but a loser, did not understand volatility, time decay, implied volatility or how all of these played a part in an options value.

I showed him the tastyworks platform and explained some basic information such as what volatility meant for an underlying and its relationship to options pricing.

When I told him I got this information for free he was amazed..but still stuck on his 2k "training"...which to date he has not done anything more than papertrade and is at a paper loss.

Recommended he start with Mike and his Whiteboard and open a tastyworks account.

I opened a $2500 account with you guys two months ago. I've been trading options for two months now and up about 17% on my account. I watched all of mike and his whiteboard (multiple times) and listen to you guys daily. Amazing the difference between what tastytraders do and everyone else....

Thanks Again,


More interesting than Game of Thrones!

I stumbled on your tastytrade websites while looking to learn more regarding options trading and starting with a small account.....I am currently watching WDIS options 101
and Truth or Skepticism.... I am addicted. This is more interesting than Game of Thrones LOL.

I open a tasty works account and hope to start trading soon once i grasp more understanding.... Your information and entire learning platform is exactly what i have been searching for..... I am so Grateful .. Thank you!!!!


Cherry Picks

Love the new section on Historical earnings move. NEED MORE!

Tobaccoville, NC

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