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Place my first futures trade!


I do not know if this is the correct way to reach Tom and all but I wanted to say that I finally placed my first Live crude calendar spread and it worked out as planned. Closed my position within one week with a net 31% gain and all while out on the field with my other business.

Took away the volatility, allowed me to be engaged in a market that I probable truly can’t afford to be playing with and gave me the flexibility to come back and give me an earning instead of getting stopped.

Huge thanks to you all but ultimately Pete Mulmat , Beef, for teaching the concepts behind this “pro” strategy.

I talk to finance people and they have no clue what the heck this trade is.

Margin cost $510
Closed position $160


Peter K.

Great content recently!


Just to let you know the content recently is excellent. I really liked the Iron fly rollout to same strikes or re-establish study.

Just to say in my 2.5 years of watching you guys I have gone from zero options trading knowledge to a lot.

I have formed a traders group here in Dublin, Ireland. I am spreading the tastytrade way.

Keep up the good work.



Happiest I've Been!

Hi Tom,

It’s interesting that I had a very similar thought a few days ago. I’m 69 and retired at 55. My preparedness was minimal.

I wondered about the commercials touting retirement preparedness with actors who look to be retired. It’s fear peddling. Yes, many people in retirement are not financially prepared. The common advertised amount needed for a basic existence in retirement is $1M. I have nowhere near that and, with some sacrifice of freedom, have lived good in the past 14 years.

Since discovering your education videos, I will have $1M in the next 5 years. Plus, it’s keeping my brain active and learning. I am happier than I’ve been in my life and have intentions that will bring me all my dreams.

So, keep the fear and bring on TastyTrade. Works for me.

Diane A.

Loved the Earnings Cherry Picks

I don't say it often enough... your weekly Cherry Picks are the greatest! The info on earnings helps me plan my upcoming earnings plays, or not. Thank you so much for your insightful look at the market.

Joe W.

Shout out to the tastytrade and tastyworks support teams

Hi guys,

Can't say enough about every tastytrade and tastyworks support person with whom I have spoken in the past 3 years.. Each has been polite, courteous, extremely helpful and absolutely "right on" with their information. No matter how basic the question, never has anyone given the impression that I should have known the answer OR that the request was foolish.

They should be THE corporate example of how to conduct customer service.

Just yesterday, I contacted a Google Maps CSR and gave up in frustration attempting to get him to correct a problem with my account.

Congratulation to each and every person who works at tastytrade and tastyworks. Please pass along these thoughts

With utmost thanks and respect. PEACE

Gary H

Thanks Crew!

Bat, Tom and Crew

Thanks for everything yourself, Tom and crew have done over these many years. You can now add my wife and my eldest daughter to the list of tasty nation students, making our tasty trade experience a real family education project that we all enjoy. As my daughter is living in Australia, we connect every night on skype before bed to talk about the trading concepts she is learning on WDIS back to cool.

She really enjoys WDIS back to cool and has said you are a great teacher, also special shout out for Mike and his whiteboard.

My daughter loves Bat V Bat but I don’t think it’s educational LOL and sorry to say bat I don’t think it’s the witty repartee you guys have either. Bat when I first called into your show years ago whingeing about TDA selling my stock on a covered call position, you said you have a high class problem. The last two years my high class problem has been a tax bill and it’s a high class problem I hope to keep having into perpetuity.



Shout out to Time Knight!

tastytrade runs a lot of shows and has great research. I particularly enjoy Tim Knight's show and the perspective he brings to market conditions. Thank
you to tastytrade for including his show in your line up. I do not watch every episode but I have recommended tastytrade to friends/clients and Tim's show as a
great 15 minute take on the market.

As noted, no reply needed. Just wanted to make sure Tim's show got some love!



See you next time!

Last year I took my 22 year old son to a ************ event in San Diego because I thought we'd be taught something from their *********** crew. Boy was I wrong. We got nothing, boring speakers giving us one great
sales pitch... oh and a squishy stress ball!

If I'd only known you were here the same year! But now I've got him hooked on the WDIS series Options 101.

We'll be sure to see you next time you make out to America's Finest City😀

Lien N

Opening an account today!

I want to say how much I appreciate everyone there and what you've given tome in my growth as a trader.

I will be funding my account this week.

Have a spectacular day,

Alan J

I'm that guy!

Forgive me for being that guy for a minute. I may be getting ahead of myself since I've only been trading options for about three months now, but this short journey has been absolutely life changing.

I used to trade futures on the ten-ish minute charts, and I spent a couple years neither making money or losing money, but the mood swings were catastrophic as I dealt with realized losses of three percent one week then gains of 2-3 percent another week. Trading options is so much

I still have a little bit of PTSD, needing to check my phone every few hours, but I'm recovering. I'm way less stressed, and I can keep self-directed investing on a similar scale, but the size is more
reasonable, the gains are real, and the mechanics are way, way simpler.

I'm only up about 1% right now, but I was trading while learning and made some beginner's mistakes. I've gained way more of my peace of mind,
though, and that right now is worth more than money. Thanks again for all your help, you accessibility, and your crazy-awesome cast. Shout out to Brittany and Dr. Jim!


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