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My Inner Mechanical Voice

Hey Bat,

Whenever I am debating doing an adjustment or keeping the delta risk, I find myself going well how would Bat react if Nick brought this up to him. I had an $EWZ strangle that went through my call strike and was at the delta range where I usually adjust and I was sitting there going, 'I don't want to adjust, its an index blah blah'-- all excuses. But I realized if Nick had brought this exact positions/situation up to you would've gone, "your puts are under 10 cents and not helping you at all, just adjust the position you johnny and reduce the delta." So I did. It might work it might not, but I was mechanical. So a big thanks to you and Nick for talking/walking through the mechanics all the time.


Chris M


So I was driving home this evening and my kids were in the back seat when all of a sudden my nine-year-old said " Gooooooood mooooorning you Knuckleheads". Your show wasn't even on at the time

You have left an impression :-)

Thanks for what you do


Thanks For the Pop Up

Hi Tony, and happy birthday,

Wanted to thank you and Tom for hosting the pop-up event last night. It was great to meet you, Tom and some of the other traders. The food and company were great and I know of no other organization that does anything at all similar to that. You are truly reshaping the industry.

Thanks again


An A-Ha Moment

Tom / Tony -

Wanted to share another A-HA moment that I know is going to make my trading more sustainable. First, a little background. I was one of the traders in the late 90's that spent a lot of money doing seminars. I remember the likes of a number of early workshop companies both good and bad. I remember when XXXX was still with YYYY and just branching out on his own looking for students to counsel. I got a kick out of his story about wanting to be like YYYY on the floor but they gave him AAA so he was known as "AAA". I also made a lot of money with a favorite strategy of one of the institutions - stock splits. I was able to live off the market by January of 2000 but that was short lived because I kept doing the same thing - buying calls on stock split companies. We almost went broke and had to go back and work for a company. Fast forward to about 5 years ago and started doing short diagonal put spreads on weeklys from another advisor. Good theory but whip saw too much sometimes doubling the account in 60 days but also losing 25% in 30 days and blew up the account again.

Now fast forward to 2 years ago to tastytrade and using delta for naked puts and my first A-HA moment of collecting premium and using delta. Didn't always win but didn't blow up the account either and had sustainability with rolling. The macho man inside of me kept experimenting with the weeklys and diagonal because of the incredible gains and trying to figure how to avoid the losses. The second A-HA came in the last few months that when using high IVR and closing a position at a 50% gain I was accomplishing more than what I was trying to accomplish with the weeklys - relatively fast premium reduction and turning the positions relatively fast. Now I'm wondering what took me so long to retrain my brain.

So THANK YOU guys for the A-HA moments and the confidence that this can be sustainable. I'm looking forward to getting enough capital to make this my family's primary source of income and stop being a corporate pawn worrying about what's in the sales pipeline.

Bill B

Helping Me Achieve Goals


I would like to personally thank you and Tom, but mostly you, for everything you do on tastytrade! You and your amazing teams have changed the course of my life for the better. I love your personal anecdotes and ways you share your experiences with Nick on how to learn from your mistakes.

My goal right now that I'm completely obsessed with is replacing my income from a job with income from trading and outside opportunities. None of which I would have been brave enough to try without having learned the mechanics and risk taking skills taught to me from tastytrade.

The greatest part of all is that you have helped empower me without asking for a dime.

I know that with persist effort, I'll achieve my goal and grow it into something bigger. In the meantime, I wanted to say thanks for all you do.

Know that your efforts are changing my entire family's course of history! (No pressure) ;-)


Christopher U.

Staying Mechanical

Good Morning tastytrade,

I am pretty new to options trading. I listen to your show almost every day and I went to the archives and watched all of the WDIS segments with Britt and Dr. Jim. I have learned a lot but am no expert. I have a relatively small account (a little bit larger than a Tasty Bites account) and placed an earnings trade (16 delta strangle) on NVDA that really put a hurting on my P/L. I wasn't sure that I was cut out for options trading but I stuck with it.

I just wanted to tell you that I stayed mechanical, traded small and traded often and as of yesterday I am back with a positive P/L. Thanks for all you do for the individual investor.

Atlanta Georgia

Bat vs Bat - Best one yet


Your last session with Nick on Friday was perhaps your best. Everything you are teaching him is what all investors need to hear……It hit home with me as I have fallen victim just like Nick. ”stick to the basics”
Have a good week.

John M.

click here to watch the segment!

Love the rants!

OMG i love Tom's rants... seems like its been awhile. I think you guys need to make a segment Tuesday Trashin' or something like that just so he can rant...

Bob W

Keep up the GREAT work

After spending 15 years attempting to time the NDX at the end of the day with Rydex Leveraged Index Funds, it has been difficult to give up technical analysis. That "curve fitting" trap just keeps you coming back
for more. Foolish, I know now. That Market Measures video on the distribution of up/down days on various stocks, etf's and currencies was mind blowing to say the least.

I am finally gaining a perspective on the markets that is unique and liberating to say the least. 100+ hours of your videos has been a way better education than the dozens of trading books I have read.

Over the last 11 trading days I have opened/closed 30 option trades, either prematurely closing due to my inexperience with rolling or taking profits too early. It is hard not to take a 15-25% profit in the matter of days when you are not used to options! Several poorly managed losers on AMZN and TSLA are holding me back, but I am just about break even in a market that hasn't been good for someone as pessimistic as I am about this crazy one sided market.

The $87 in fees is the cheapest "trading tuition" around and I don't mind paying it. Averaging $3.07/trade before fees and only $0.18/trade after fees doesn't bother me one bit.

Keep up the great work that you do.

George E.

AMZN Cherry Bomb

I recall TP or TS recently saying in a Cherry Bomb that they had an idea on how to fix healthcare in America: get a bunch of docs and data scientists in a room and then post all health related products on Amazon.

Clap clap clap!!!!

Just amazing, another tremendous call by the street-smart folks at tastytrade.

Keep it up guys! You'll soon be the Amazon of Financial Services.

No... Better yet:

Amazon will one day be considered the tastytrade of online retail!

Bryan C.

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