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Thanks For a Great 2016


After paying the equivalent of 2 Teslas and a Harvard MBA in 2013-14 I think I’ve stabilized and am in the Tasty Nation success column.

2015: 12% ROC net

2016: (all numbers are net of fees)

Futures: 18 winners and 5 losers - 78%

LESSON: Stay small and wait till you are right.

Options, etc: 56 winners and 22 losers - 72%

LESSON: Stay small, trade often and manage at 50% profit, or less based on time held.

ROC as of 7 AM today 49.5%


I love you guys :-)




2 Years FREE of Bob the Trader?

You guys never cease to amaze.....I applaud thee!

Joe's two cents

I'm Still Listening!

Hi Tom and Tony,

I heard a question the other day about what percentage of people continue to listen to you that started way back with you. Hence I am writing. I want to let you know that I continue to trade with you every day. You guys are my trading partners. I don't usually call because everything has been good and I just have not had any questions.I have had a fantastic year in spite of being somewhat short most of the time. One great lesson I have learnt from you is "stay small". By staying small, I am able to throw more capital in when I am big time wrong. This helps me not to fight the market too much .

I want to thank you both for everything you do. Thanks to you, I have had a fantastic year.

Keep up the good work. All the best for tastyworks


Dr. Data

I loved his presentation this am. There was more usable info in that 15 minute segment than what CNBC has shown since their inception. I can personally remember at least 3 500-year rains in the last 20 years, another perfect example.
Click here to see Dr. Data's [presentation](!


Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks...

Hey guys,

Just want to share a little story. I had a conversation with one of my co-workers the other day who works in the wealth advisory division of the firm I'm at. I work in the public accounting division of the firm. Anyhow, I was discussing portfolio management with this individual who has been in the industry for probably close to 20 years, 10 of those years with Vanguard prior to his current role. I'm 24, and not in the business of managing money but I was teaching him what probabilities are within the marketplace. His reply was that I need to be careful with all the leverage I'm using and I had to explain that the funds in which he is investing clients in are using 2 to 3 times the leverage I'm using. I had to explain what the greeks mean. I explained how selling puts with 2 times the notional exposure outperforms long stock with a lower standard deviation of risk. I explained that the globally diversified portfolios they use are not truly diversified because of the strong correlations. The conversation went further but I continue to be blown away that people pay people such as this individual to manage their money and are satisfied with 4% returns in bull markets before fees. I have had these conversations with people before and people have asked me to manage their money, even just at 24 but like you guys, I don't have much of an interest in that. The moral is the research tastytrade does is so advanced from where everyone is at I feel significantly advantaged and I don't know if the rest of the industry will ever catch up if tastytrade continues to raise the bar. Although I have a full time job, I also consider myself a full time trader even though I don't yet have enough capital in my account to make a living off of. I do have confidence that what you release with tasty works will allow myself and others to get there faster. I enjoy the discussions about entrepreneurship the most as I see myself taking that risk sometime in the future.

I look forward to continue learning alongside the tastytrade team and I'll see you guys at the Chicago show in January.



Elevating My Knowledge...


I just wanted to say thank your for all that you do. I have learned so much from you guys since joining tastytrade in October 2015. The content you provide has elevated my options and trading knowledge to a level that has far surpassed anything I previously learned in my prior 3 years of option education and trading. I have attended Tom's events in NYC at the Traders Expo and the TD market event and look forward to seeing you both on the 2017 tour when you return to New York.

Happy Holidays to both of you.


Superb Service

BTW, your customer service rocks. EVERY single interaction I've had with these folks has been a superb experience. Mind you, I'm generally an a**hole and rarely use any company's customer support. I jump through hoops to avoid it. They are usually morons and in no way helpful, across the board. Whereas I enjoy dealing with your people. Knowledgeable, prompt, just plain a pleasant experience every time. So please give them an attaboy...

Tony L

Can't Wait for 2017

Hi Guys:

Long time no check in. I'm actually an attorney by profession; I started a new job this past August, so I've had less time to devote to trading, though I have been reasonably active, and sticking to the TT basics I learned.

The results since trading a la TT since around January '14 are as follows:

63% total return, which comes to about 17.85% annualized. The key thing is that I used only a fraction of the buying power in a six figure (portfolio margin) account. Even with the inevitable "problem children," this is pretty respectable given how little risk I took, relatively speaking.

By way of comparison, over this same time frame the S&P returned (including reinvested dividends) about 25.5%, or 8.36%.

More than double the return with a fraction of the risk. That certainly deserves a rather large THANK YOU.

Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing about the new brokerage and having the time to check out the show again.

All the best,

What Makes Us Successful


Love the show. You and Nick should change the name of the show for the new year now that it's matured. Something along the lines of "Stay Mechanical" or "Stick to the Mechanics"...something that relates to one of the core principals that you always push about mechanics. It really is what makes all tastytraders ultimately successful.


Great segment on "The Box"


Great segment last Tuesday on 'The Box' with your dad. Fair value adds up over a years worth of trading.

Have a great two weeks vacation. "I used to never go to the bathroom when I was on the floor." Ha!

Merry Christmas to the excellent tastytrade/dough support team!

Rip in Atlanta

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