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Love the new Cherry Picks Layout!

Dr. Data,

The layout of the Oct. 22nd earnings edition of the Cherry Picks is superb! It is easy to go through the list to see when the earnings for the companies listed are going to be. I greatly appreciate it... and all that you do for tastynation.


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Leaders in the Industry!

I got your email about stock trade commissions going to $0. I was wondering if you guys were going to do this. But for the content you put out, on a DAILY basis, it makes me want to give you MORE money, not less, when I do business with you.

Thank you for your leadership in the industry, your commitment to your customers, and the education you provide to investors like me!

Jason B.

Making a Comeback!


So I wanted to mention this. I've been trading with tastyworks for the past year. In the beginning of the year, I got way too directional and big as well as trying to scalp in futures. I was down 25% of my account throughout half of this year.

Since I've stayed small, less directional, traded future options and stop scalping in the last few months, I'm now up 2.5% for the year.

What a huge comeback! I just wanted to tell you guys that.


Great HSSS Show!

It was such a pleasure to see you folks in Atlanta yesterday and get to meet Jim and Tony in person and chat for a moment. I didn’t get to meet Liz or Jenny as they were pretty busy greeting others but it was good to see them on stage. This was my second event with Tastytrade and each time it feels more like family.
Thank you and your team for all you do for the small investor.


The Learn Center Content is Amazing!

Hi folks
Just wanted to give you feedback on the new learning center.

I thought the courses were awesome and the structuring perfect. It was like having an upgraded mike and his whiteboard. The tests were good as well, to the point.

Can’t wait for the advanced options course


Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Mauricio B.

Love from India!

Hey ,
I have seen most of ur videos on youtube regarding options writing strategy. And i cant say how much it is useful to me. Myself (CFA) from India and trading in indian currency and commodity market since last 13 years and i am generating positive returns from last 13 years in my small account but was having fear of loosing someday but after listening to your videos i am 110% confident that now I hardly can make any lossess.....

Heartfelt thank you for all of ur videos.Love you Both tom and Tony!


Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to thanks for the work all of you do, especially those who do it behind the scenes. Keep up it and wish you nothing but the best for future success.

Rob B

I look forward to your content!

I do have to say, if there's one thing I look forward to everyday ok almost (weekends aside) is reading anything that comes from "tastytrade".

Your insights, your thoughts, and especially your stories.

Thanks again
Your fellow trader

You guys are GREAT!

Hey Guys and Gals just wanted to tell you how great you are. I've been trading options for a long time and your way is the best. I can't believe I just found your site. You tell us trades that make money, No one else does that. Good bye CNN, CNBC. From the morning show right threw the day everyone is very smart gotta love the ladies who definitely have too much coffee, through Tim who need more coffee. All you are great keep up the good work.


Amazing Live Show!

To: Tom and Everyone who worked so hard to make the day. (Your hard work showed!)

Everything - the marvelous speakers, the great location, the perfectly prepared food, the kind and courteous crowd handling, and the opportunity to meet our Tastytrade Heros – made GEEKS Saturday a unique and terrific experience.

Thanks again.


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