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Keep it up!

Good morning Tom,

Success comes to those who do the things others either can't do or don't want to do. Your success, that I am entirely grateful for, is that you have created a culture that we "tastytraders" want to be identified with. You and your team have created the "Grateful Dead" followers that so many others in the industry don't know how to react to. They are all trying to play catch-up with you.

Please keep up the great work! You have done so much to educate the general public in what it means to take control of your destiny. I for one am grateful everyday for having a new focus on how to achieve my goals. Stay safe.

Joe W

Thanks for coming to Orlando!

Tom, I attended your show in Orlando and enjoyed the personal connection with you and your team. Quite honestly I don’t know how you guys and gals can do what you do without being totally exhausted, but it is special and appreciated. I am hooked on Tastyworks, because of the teaching, platform and the PEOPLE! You have transformed my investing for the good.


Tom C

A shout out to the team!

I've enjoyed every second of the platform and videos and instruction that has taken my trading to the next level.

The sense of community & esprit d'ecorp you create is ESSENTIAL and frankly, a competitive advantage to the lame financial advisors out there. It's also an awesome, HUMANE positive philosophy!

I'm still new to TastyTrade and TastyWorks but I will surely go to a live event near me soon.

John M

Loving all the Content

Hi Tom & support guys,

Keep up the good work. I see so many emails these days from spammers selling hyped up trade strategies promising the earth eg. “turn 10k into 1m in x weeks”, which immediately arouses my suspicion.

But love your trade ideas. Loved the latest Cherry picks email. The charts of selected instruments showing future trade range likely with IVR colour coding are great concise tool for picking the best option trades. Don’t know how you crunch all that info but it is a goldmine. The upcoming earnings table saves my researching other sites & warns me of increased volatility around these dates. And the 3 trade ideas, (without all that repetitive legal warning jargon “options aren’t for everybody”. Sure they don’t all work out profitable, but as a learning tool when I paper trade & manage them, teach me so much (makes me a bit lazy too!).

Kind regards,

Thanks from down under!

I knew nothing about trading down here in Western Australia until 5 years ago when I stumbled on Tasty trade

It was a no brainer that Tasty trade was uniquely different and nothing has changed, only got better

Thanks Tom and Tony and the team there. Your vision and foresight is why you can say today with confidence and truth that there’s no one else that comes close.

Bloomin Legends


Peter L

Love the new Cherry Picks Layout!

Dr. Data,

The layout of the Oct. 22nd earnings edition of the Cherry Picks is superb! It is easy to go through the list to see when the earnings for the companies listed are going to be. I greatly appreciate it... and all that you do for tastynation.


(Sign up for the Cherry Picks email here:

Leaders in the Industry!

I got your email about stock trade commissions going to $0. I was wondering if you guys were going to do this. But for the content you put out, on a DAILY basis, it makes me want to give you MORE money, not less, when I do business with you.

Thank you for your leadership in the industry, your commitment to your customers, and the education you provide to investors like me!

Jason B.

Making a Comeback!


So I wanted to mention this. I've been trading with tastyworks for the past year. In the beginning of the year, I got way too directional and big as well as trying to scalp in futures. I was down 25% of my account throughout half of this year.

Since I've stayed small, less directional, traded future options and stop scalping in the last few months, I'm now up 2.5% for the year.

What a huge comeback! I just wanted to tell you guys that.


Great HSSS Show!

It was such a pleasure to see you folks in Atlanta yesterday and get to meet Jim and Tony in person and chat for a moment. I didn’t get to meet Liz or Jenny as they were pretty busy greeting others but it was good to see them on stage. This was my second event with Tastytrade and each time it feels more like family.
Thank you and your team for all you do for the small investor.


The Learn Center Content is Amazing!

Hi folks
Just wanted to give you feedback on the new learning center.

I thought the courses were awesome and the structuring perfect. It was like having an upgraded mike and his whiteboard. The tests were good as well, to the point.

Can’t wait for the advanced options course


Thanks in advance,

Best regards,
Mauricio B.

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