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Love Letters Viewer Emails

Doc from Cali…

Love you guys.

I was a doctor for 33 years. I have helped many people in my community. I have now retired and am a full time trader. I have been w you guys for 6 weeks and have learn more about trading than in all my years of investing

I just watched ur trader position in society dilemma on confirm and send.

Here’s the thing. You can contribute to society in many ways. What you guys have done at tastytrade is incomparable to any contribution I have seen in financial services.

For the trader who questioned his validity. Hopefully, make your money, take care of your family and if you prosper, give back to society in some way comfortable to you. Support a little league team, be a mentor to someone in your field or someone in another business. Or

If you are extremely motivated to give back. Start something like tastytrade and help the retail investors get educated.

Be comfortable in your own skin and you will contribute to society.

Peace. Doc

Ps. Can’t wait to get up to trade, earlier here in sunny Cali. IV has a whole new meaning to me now. Nice

John from Florida…

Tom and Tony,

First of all, I just want to tell you again that your entire show is
awesome. I have been trading options for about seven years and you
have turned my approach and results 180 degrees in the 18 months that I
have been a member. I rarely miss a show, but if something comes up I
catch up on the archive usually the same day. I can’t imagine a day
without TT.

I have been a subscriber to “Bob’ from day one. Initially, I thought
it was mostly for me in a small way to pay you guys back for all you
do. However, the transparency of everything you do with the app blows
away any of the gazillion newsletters, trade advisories, and trading
rooms that I have succumbed to in the past. “Bob” really helps me
connect the dots with everything you do.

FYI, through 6/30/2013 I have taken a total of 245 trades. Currently I
have 40 open positions. I have booked 172 winners, 33 losers. While I
am currently a little North of 83% winners, even if every open position
becomes a loser (they won’t) I will be at 70.2% winning trades. I have
been doing them very small to prove the model to myself. I am positive
for the year in a very challenging environment. I think I am getting

Finally, please pass on my appreciation to Al and his entire research
team. WOW! Having had a moderate amount of options trading experience
over the past seven years I had no clue what I didn’t know! For the
first 10 or 12 months I could easily stay up with what you were
providing. The last several months I am “drinking through a fire
hose”. I find myself having to watch some of the Market Measure
segments a couple of times to really get a grasp of what you are
presenting. Heck, I am spending so much time making sure I understand
it my golf game has taken a hit.

Keep up the great work…….I can’t thank you enough!


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