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Gerry loves tastytrade...

I have to tell you that I feel like a Moses disciple that has been wandering in the desert for 40 years and suddenly I have found the promised land.

You guys are marvelous, all that work with you are marvelous and the shows are marvelous...but I am a newbie to tastytrade, I have a lot to learn and unlearn...but keep up the marvelous work. Where were you when I opened up my TOS account and proceeded to draw it down 80%?

I found tastytrade from a link, provided by one of those "let me sell you my options service disguised as an options educator", to a you tube video that was your interview of the CPA lady that now runs several funds and made $45MM in 45 minutes, a wonderful success story. That was my introduction to tastytrade and I have been watching you ever since.

I am a semi-retired CPA (cleaning, pressing & alterations or cutting, pasting & assembling....your pick); I worked for Louis Dreyfus (a name you both should recognize) for 20+ years and your segment on IRAs really caught my attention yesterday.

I lobbied for years to get a self-directed 401K option at the company but was unsuccessful because the trustee felt there was too much fiduciary exposure.

I was approached by several colleagues about where to invest their 401Ks and found most chose the MM option or the fund that made the most last year and then never looked at them again. Most know nothing about where to invest and are getting no advice or education or worst case, bad advice.

Not that the options for investment were anything to write home about but there were better options that a MM fund.

I have rattled on for too long, you probably won't read it anyway...but in any event keep up the marvelous work. The stage is all yours and I wish you the greatest success in your second lives.

I have many questions...what is the best way to pose them to you?
All the best,
Gerry W

Dear tastytrade...

I've been trading for two years, started listening to Tasty Trade a few months ago. My returns have turned around in that short time. More importantly, I'm learning what to look for. In the last two weeks, I've found 5 trades that you guys have brought up on the show later in the afternoon. That is very exciting for me. Thanks a bunch for the show and the help!!

Best Regards,
Mark L

From Rich...

...thank you all for Tasty Trade. I f'***ing love it.


Texas Jim...

Most of my buddies are horrified when I mention that I don't use protective stops. I only use stops for targets. Again, this is something that I picked up from you guys, which I would never have thought to do. It is very unlikely i would have figured this out on my own, seeing as none of the books or articles that I have read talks about trading in this way.

You have totally changed the way I think of trading, and for this I am eternally grateful. The least I can do is make my subscription to Bob recurring, which I did earlier this afternoon. Plus I evangelize tasty trade every chance I get. Thanks again.

Jim in TX

Love from Skip...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And savor what you are doing, never lose faith that you are on a mission that is good, and remember that few people actually get the chance of truly changing the world for the better.



Leigh loves tastytrade...

Tom and Bat,

Just saying thank you for the clarification and discussion on the difference in capital allocation during high and low vol times.
This morning, I was really glad to have the extra money in my account when vol expanded. It was a crazy effect to see!
Thanks to all of you guys explaining this! I made 22 trades today and took advantage of it....a record number for me.

Grazie, Ciao!

Justin is grateful for tastytrade...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me hit my account highs twice this year. I have been trading since I was 19 (currently 34) however I've never have had so much consistency. I attribute so much of this to you guys and your method "trade small and often" For example I would have a huge gain in apple with verticals and then turn around and lose it with futures or the exact option trade the following month. This would of course drive me crazy and leave my account totals in neutral. I now trade much smaller and just wait for the trade to become profitable, especially in the futures. Sounds so easy in principle, but until you actually practice the method of staying small it's only talk. Anyway, I owe you guys a lot and will forever be grateful for your expertise and wiliness to help us understand the business as you do.

Thanks a million!!


ps: I'm always talking markets (even since 19) and I'm driving my friends and family nuts with this stuff. #not enough people to discuss all this craziness with....send back up!!

Jason in TX...

Just signed up for Bob. First time I have ever spent money on a service having been in the business for nearly 20 years, gotten CFA, Ivy League and all that crap.

Just the education I have gotten in the last year from TastyTrade has been worth 20 years of paying for Bob. Thanks to Tony and Tom, Liz & Jenny, Slim, the Shadows, and Jambi...err...the great Tim Knight.

Jason in Dallas - Peace and Thanks!!!

Tyson from South Carolina....

Guys, I am so happy that I stumbled upon tastytrade. In the few months that I have been watching, you have help my trading out immensely. Great show, great content. I purchased a recurring subscription to Bob as my contribution to the show. Keep up the good work.


Jeff from Massachusetts...

Thank you so much for everything you and Tom do. I have been trading for 7 years and am finally profitable.... You give me so much hope that an individual can make a career out of trading.

Jeff S.

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