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Justin is grateful for tastytrade...

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me hit my account highs twice this year. I have been trading since I was 19 (currently 34) however I've never have had so much consistency. I attribute so much of this to you guys and your method "trade small and often" For example I would have a huge gain in apple with verticals and then turn around and lose it with futures or the exact option trade the following month. This would of course drive me crazy and leave my account totals in neutral. I now trade much smaller and just wait for the trade to become profitable, especially in the futures. Sounds so easy in principle, but until you actually practice the method of staying small it's only talk. Anyway, I owe you guys a lot and will forever be grateful for your expertise and wiliness to help us understand the business as you do.

Thanks a million!!


ps: I'm always talking markets (even since 19) and I'm driving my friends and family nuts with this stuff. #not enough people to discuss all this craziness with....send back up!!

Jason in TX...

Just signed up for Bob. First time I have ever spent money on a service having been in the business for nearly 20 years, gotten CFA, Ivy League and all that crap.

Just the education I have gotten in the last year from TastyTrade has been worth 20 years of paying for Bob. Thanks to Tony and Tom, Liz & Jenny, Slim, the Shadows, and Jambi...err...the great Tim Knight.

Jason in Dallas - Peace and Thanks!!!

Tyson from South Carolina....

Guys, I am so happy that I stumbled upon tastytrade. In the few months that I have been watching, you have help my trading out immensely. Great show, great content. I purchased a recurring subscription to Bob as my contribution to the show. Keep up the good work.


Jeff from Massachusetts...

Thank you so much for everything you and Tom do. I have been trading for 7 years and am finally profitable.... You give me so much hope that an individual can make a career out of trading.

Jeff S.

To tastytrade, from Marcia...

I will continue to be a loyal fan of Tasty Trade, and a subscriber of BOB for a very, very long time!!! Thanks for the GREAT education, all the laughs and most of all, your help & kindness !!!!!
You're the BEST!

Different Dino, same love for tastytrade...

I love what you guys do. When I'm not listening to you live, I'm going through your excellent archives. It's exhilarating to begin to understand what you guys talk about.

Dino M.

Love from Dino...

You’re the best trading show ever!!! The other’s pale in comparison. Peace


Marky loves tastytrade...

Tom and gang !!
Just wanted to say this is a great show,
love it ! Better than awesome !!
Learning some great stuff without the pain !
Better than Awesome Awesome Awesome !!
Keep up the great work !!


Gerry from GA...

We are fairly new Tastytrade listeners and all of you make us shake our heads --in a very good way! My husband and I were talking about what a difference Tastytrade has made to us and our investing. Tom often talks about getting the younger folks investing early. But, he is also doing a tremendous service for a lot of us older folks. Over thirty years ago, we started investing in our IRA's and saving for retirement. We have been through 3 major crashes when we were 'all in' on equities, thinking the 'buy and hold' mentality would see us through. We have a long time in the future that we need to make our savings work for us, as neither of us worked for companies that provided pension plans.

Finally, we realized the saying, "Nobody cares about your money like you do" is so true. But we were at a loss how to invest without the heart palpitations and major set backs we had over the years. We are very grateful that a friend told us about Tastytrade. We are also amused that in the evenings, our 'go to' programming is Tastytrade --not movies, not comedies, not sports --just Tom, Tony, Case, Liz, Jenny etc.

Finally, one other point: Tastytrade doesn't make new or small investors feel inferior. It was awesome to be validated that it is okay to trade one lots --especially when learning new strategies. I feel that trading small and trading often is in my blood, but it sure was good to get validation from Tastytrade.

Okay, sorry for the diatribe. Hope you have a good weekend. We appreciate all of you!


Terry from Canada...

Just a note to say thanks for all the quality information that you provide on a daily basis. I started watching a few weeks ago.
I have traded options for over 20 years and by far I have had more in depth knowledge presented by everyone there.
Quality knowledge with a little fun to go with it.
Simply can not be found anywhere else.
No-- come to think of it --the rest of the stuff out there pretty much is crap
A breath of fresh air for sure.
Again thanks and best wishes to all.


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