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Love Letters Viewer Emails

To BAT...

Dear BAT,

I want to thank you for making your self available to spend some time with us yesterday morning, it really is an honor to meet you. For many years I struggle all alone but because of what you guys do I'm no longer wondering out in the financial world the way I use to!

Have a wonderful time with your family and thank you once again!

If there is anything I can do for you at anytime or for anything (and if I don't have what you need all freaking find it!) I'm an email away.. now you got "another guy" :)

Thank you bro, you are the best!


Market Measures...

Today's "Market Measures" segment was fantastic. Since becoming a Tasty Trader, I have generally understood the concept of Managing Winners, but did not know what that meant in terms of when to take off a trade. I love the data based approach to dispelling long-standing bullshit myths. Your content always seems to address my questions at the most appropriate time. I think this is because you are engaged with your listeners.

> Tom - I live in Phoenix and I am looking forward to seeing you in Scottsdale next weekend. Wear shorts! It's still 105 degrees :)


Today was great...

Today you knocked it so far out of the park it was amazing. As usual, I promote Tasty Trade to all of my friends that will listen or have an interest but your Market Measures followed up by TP were great.
Thank you Much,
Richard B

tastytrade University...

Awesome stuff, Professor...

Today's show takes economics as a science to the woodshed while proving that there is science in trading. Worthy of a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Trading Science. You might consider obtaining the rights to the "" URL.

PS- Never has a Nobel been awarded to a nominee whose vocabulary did not include the word "recalcitrant".


Costa Rica loves tt...

Hi Tom and Tony,
This morning you were assuring Jeff, the intern, that a viewer in China wrote in saying he had crystal clear access and so he would have no problem viewing tastytrade in Spain.

I am an avid follower all day, everyday till the closing bell.
Located on the central Pacific coast, Playa Jacó, we are in the central time zone but do not have daylight savings.
At this time of the year I am up about 5:30 am, cranking up the computer and coffee maker to be ready for your programing start locally at 6:00 am.

It's Great!

Thanks, David

Love from China...


Having fun on a business trip and watching you from Chengdu China (middle of the country). It is 10:03pm local time

Kurt S

Pure genius...

Tom, you are a genius!

I just want to say thank you and give you and Tony a big hug...I know there is no hugging in trading.:-)

After today's move, after being down, 10%, I am now up 34% for the year and it was accomplished within the last two weeks.

Selling into strength and watching what you do, has been an incredible lesson! Thank you!

Roll Tide in TX

Hey you guys...

Hey Guys:

Don't want to add to your email load but Tom's comment this morning on trading futs in risk limited size so hit home for me so want to send both of you props! by managing my size on the /ES, /YM, etc trades I've been able to hold them when they go against me until they turn a profit or at worst a scratch. This a.m I was able to cover shorts I made last week at 1647 and 1644.75 for a nice profit. In the interim I was scalping short all the way up to 1662 taking 2-5 points at a whack. meanwhile sleeping like a baby knowing I could hold the losers for as long as needed. My trading group thinks I'm nutz, not using stops but after 35 years of trading, I've figured out all they did was stop me out of winning trades. PnL is looking pretty f*cking good!!

Rick W

From Dan...


I would like to thank you very much for the tasty trade content I have the privilege to watch every day.

I enjoy all the shows and generally watch askslim, Where do I start, the shows following that til the end of the day.

I learn a lot, I get trade ideas that have been working so far ( kinda new into the game)

sometimes the commercials have me laughing out loud.

and if I miss a live show or dont understand it, I often review the recordings.
great product and I really appreciate all your efforts for a great teaching tool.


Tom and Tony...

Watching Tasty Trade is such a TIME SAVER. Now I don't waste time reading unsolicited offers from the internet or "education video" webcasts from other sites. I know they don't offer anything I want to learn anyway. Go tastytrade.

Peace, Cliff M. Texas

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