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Pure genius...

Tom, you are a genius!

I just want to say thank you and give you and Tony a big hug...I know there is no hugging in trading.:-)

After today's move, after being down, 10%, I am now up 34% for the year and it was accomplished within the last two weeks.

Selling into strength and watching what you do, has been an incredible lesson! Thank you!

Roll Tide in TX

Hey you guys...

Hey Guys:

Don't want to add to your email load but Tom's comment this morning on trading futs in risk limited size so hit home for me so want to send both of you props! by managing my size on the /ES, /YM, etc trades I've been able to hold them when they go against me until they turn a profit or at worst a scratch. This a.m I was able to cover shorts I made last week at 1647 and 1644.75 for a nice profit. In the interim I was scalping short all the way up to 1662 taking 2-5 points at a whack. meanwhile sleeping like a baby knowing I could hold the losers for as long as needed. My trading group thinks I'm nutz, not using stops but after 35 years of trading, I've figured out all they did was stop me out of winning trades. PnL is looking pretty f*cking good!!

Rick W

From Dan...


I would like to thank you very much for the tasty trade content I have the privilege to watch every day.

I enjoy all the shows and generally watch askslim, Where do I start, the shows following that til the end of the day.

I learn a lot, I get trade ideas that have been working so far ( kinda new into the game)

sometimes the commercials have me laughing out loud.

and if I miss a live show or dont understand it, I often review the recordings.
great product and I really appreciate all your efforts for a great teaching tool.


Tom and Tony...

Watching Tasty Trade is such a TIME SAVER. Now I don't waste time reading unsolicited offers from the internet or "education video" webcasts from other sites. I know they don't offer anything I want to learn anyway. Go tastytrade.

Peace, Cliff M. Texas

tastytrade team...

Hey tasty trade,

I have been a active viewer for a year and a half or so now. I love trading just as much as everyone in your studio. I just finished 10 weeks of basic combat training with the army and got all my electronics back, I am very excited to watch again and start trading after ten weeks of being off. I had some closing orders in while I was away on stocks and some options that you folks recommended, I made 10% from it. So thank you for doing what your doing and I hope you continue for a long time to come, I learned to truly trade watching your show and will continue to trade with you as often as I can.

Chris L.

Dear SLM...

Hi Slim,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all the great information you give and I get from your show.

If you recall, I called and asked you to look at anf about a week ago. You confirmed it was trading in a sideways pattern and that was the proper way to trade it. That is how I've been trading it for the last few months and have been successful. In the last 2-3 weeks you kept saying that the retailers, especially those specializing in young people's clothing, have not been doing well. I've also seen that but I felt you were talking to me when you continued to mention that fact. As a result of what I saw and your comments on your show, on the day of earnings release I changed my posture in anf to bearish. I also changed my posture on hpq to bearish for the earnings release also.

As a result, my cash position as of this am was dramatically improved. Thank you so much!


Gerry loves tastytrade...

I have to tell you that I feel like a Moses disciple that has been wandering in the desert for 40 years and suddenly I have found the promised land.

You guys are marvelous, all that work with you are marvelous and the shows are marvelous...but I am a newbie to tastytrade, I have a lot to learn and unlearn...but keep up the marvelous work. Where were you when I opened up my TOS account and proceeded to draw it down 80%?

I found tastytrade from a link, provided by one of those "let me sell you my options service disguised as an options educator", to a you tube video that was your interview of the CPA lady that now runs several funds and made $45MM in 45 minutes, a wonderful success story. That was my introduction to tastytrade and I have been watching you ever since.

I am a semi-retired CPA (cleaning, pressing & alterations or cutting, pasting & assembling....your pick); I worked for Louis Dreyfus (a name you both should recognize) for 20+ years and your segment on IRAs really caught my attention yesterday.

I lobbied for years to get a self-directed 401K option at the company but was unsuccessful because the trustee felt there was too much fiduciary exposure.

I was approached by several colleagues about where to invest their 401Ks and found most chose the MM option or the fund that made the most last year and then never looked at them again. Most know nothing about where to invest and are getting no advice or education or worst case, bad advice.

Not that the options for investment were anything to write home about but there were better options that a MM fund.

I have rattled on for too long, you probably won't read it anyway...but in any event keep up the marvelous work. The stage is all yours and I wish you the greatest success in your second lives.

I have many questions...what is the best way to pose them to you?
All the best,
Gerry W

Dear tastytrade...

I've been trading for two years, started listening to Tasty Trade a few months ago. My returns have turned around in that short time. More importantly, I'm learning what to look for. In the last two weeks, I've found 5 trades that you guys have brought up on the show later in the afternoon. That is very exciting for me. Thanks a bunch for the show and the help!!

Best Regards,
Mark L

From Rich...

...thank you all for Tasty Trade. I f'***ing love it.


Texas Jim...

Most of my buddies are horrified when I mention that I don't use protective stops. I only use stops for targets. Again, this is something that I picked up from you guys, which I would never have thought to do. It is very unlikely i would have figured this out on my own, seeing as none of the books or articles that I have read talks about trading in this way.

You have totally changed the way I think of trading, and for this I am eternally grateful. The least I can do is make my subscription to Bob recurring, which I did earlier this afternoon. Plus I evangelize tasty trade every chance I get. Thanks again.

Jim in TX

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