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Great Presentation!

Hello Tom and everyone else at tastytrade,

Thank you all for your time, effort, and generosity in providing all that you do. I enjoyed your presentation in Los Angeles. I have been listening to the shows for over a year and the information has changed how I view life. I like how you disregard popular ideas and research in your development of tastytrade. This influenced me to ignore the noise and skepticism, and to focus on my ideas and creativity without feeling obligated to survey everything that has been published.

My trading is good too. I just have to recover from some size and correlation mistakes in the futures.

Thanks again,
Greg H.

The word is spreading

Hi Tom,

I've gotta share something with you.

I live in Phoenix and we have a pool. We hired a pool service to come drain and clean it. Out of nowhere the pool guy asks me if I trade in the market and more specifically if I trade options. I tell him that I do. He tells me about a cool online site he's found called TastyTrade. We sat on the edge of my drained pool for over an hour talking about markets and trading and TastyTrade. He asked me a lot of questions as he's new to the markets. I shared my approach to trading and my style with him. I also told him to watch and absorb everything that TastyTrade puts out, listen to Tom and Tony and learn from them. They are the real deal. What they are teaching works.

TastyTrade is working my friend. But you already knew that. :-)


Inspiring Live Event!

Hi Tom

For me, you were the highlight of the show. They definitely saved the best for last. It was awesome to meet you in person. Your talk was phenomenal, I was absolutely blown away by it.

I give credit to tastytrade and especially you for my modest success and more importantly for the level of consistency I have been able to generate over the past five years is what has made me your biggest fan out there. Your lesson on goodwill remains forever etched in my mind and heart and I try to emulate this in my life on a daily basis.

Thank you and the entire tastytrade family for all you do for the TastyNation from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes always,

Bimal P.



I hate these three day weekends; have for a long time. Now that I am a tastytrader I really despise them. This past "Presidents Day" I forgot that the market was closed. When I got up anxiously awaiting the market open I was crestfallen when I found out it was not to be. Time was when I couldn't wait for the weekend, and now I dread them as something to be endured till Monday morning when the action starts again. I guess I'm hopelessly addicted, and it's all tastytrade's fault! Well so be it then!!! 😍

Tony S.

Thanks to Tom and the Team!

Hi tasty team,

I just wanted to send a thank you note to Tom and staff. I found tastytrade and dough by accident when looking at the history of thinkorswim. I was looking to manage my own accounts after transferring them from old 401Ks sitting in cash doing nothing. I took your options course, watched videos, and studied for about 3 months. I started trading late 2015 and each trade (100% success) has been profitable (9 trades in 2015, and 50 trades in 2016). I simply sell way OTM cash-secured put options.

I spend about 5-10 mins day on options trading. On average, I close about 4 trades a month. Below are my current YTD stats:

9 trades
4% total returns

50 trades
20% total returns

I continue to trade in 2017 with the same success. Since 1997, I have tried everything. Selling options is by far the easiest strategy for me. Again, thank you for tastytrade and dough! I will be at the traders expo in NYC this Sunday. Hopefully, I will see Tom there again.

Steve L.

You do it all!

Dear tastytrading Crew,

Thank you for offering 1. A great service and 2. The fee structure you do. I hope this never goes away.

Under *another broker* it was almost impossible to do the trade small / trade often scenario on a small account because you're already down 20 bucks due to the fees. Here, with tastytrade, if you make a mistake or things go against, you spend 2 bucks to get in and nothing to get out except some minuscule fees.

I can't think of a better way to learn and try establish plans and strategies that lead to long term effectiveness. Yeah, losing a bit, but that won't last forever.

Neither will these markets that just continue to go up and up and up...

Thanks gang. And thanks for letting me vent...

All the best....


Tom KILLED it!

Hello tastytraders!

I went to Orlando for the sole purpose of attending Tom's presentations and possibly meeting him. I was in attendance @ his 6;15 and , in a word, our hero KILLED it. He was passionate, insightful, informative, inspirational and entertaining. I was in the 3rd row and started to go forward after Tom opened the session to questions. Before I could get out of my 3rd row (of maybe 50) and approach him - He was mobbed by at least a jillion (other) fans. There appeared to be in excess of 4-500 of the devoted in that room and most beat me to the front afterward ! I had the good fortune to meet and briefly visit with 'the Man' for a few minutes outside after his first session. I was happy to share I was a huge fan and I had recently opened and funded my account and placed a trade (based of a TP Cherry Bomb re GLD) and I was looking forward to portfolio margin in June or so. I told him I get up @ 4 or so every morning to watch the previous day's show.I was pleasantly surprised there were as many (as it appeared) that
seemed to be already 'informed' and 'on board. With TS's leadership and passion this is going to be a 'UUUUGE' success.

Tom B.

With love from The Netherlands!

Dear tastytrade Nation,

I just found out about tastytrade a couple of weeks ago. Just take this as a complement. Could you please stop making shows / content? It’s so great that I can hardly keep up!

Great Job you all for disrupting the financial industry. Keep up the good work. I just want to share this with you.

Kind Regards,

Iwan V.
The Netherlands

Commission Comparison is a game changer!

I just watched your "Skinny on Options Data Science" segment. The Brokerage Commissions Comparison spreadsheet is very insightful.

This explains why I haven't been able to make money over the past 10+ yrs, even though I follow all the Tasty Trade principles. Commission rates are killing me year after year.


click here to watch the segment!

Thank you!

Hi tastytrade,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the informative and fun shows you have up. I'm a big fan of Tom, Tony, and Vonetta, and I appreciate the work your research team does. You all have helped me learn so much!

With my best wishes,Kiki

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