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Groupie from Ethiopia!

Tom , Tony and the Tastytrade group. You really have no idea how much you have changed me as far as investing is concerned. I am the math guy, I am the accountant, economics and legal. I graduated from School of Economics ad accounting minoring in mathematics. I am the one who calculated the mean, standard deviation, the mode and all the Greeks...But, you put it all together for me. I love you guys and have no clue how much time I have spent watching you. I am from the remote of the world. Way out there in the remote areas of Ethiopia. Close to the Rift Valley...Where I came from , there is not much civilization... Thanks for all the things you have done here.. I am a Tasty Nation groupee.... Seife

The Learn Page is an Amazing Resource


I just wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the resources you provide here on this site. I have been working my way through all the links and videos on the learn page and after the last few days my understanding has skyrocketed. It is taking some extra work of doing research of terms that I don't understand or figuring out how to apply or where to find certain numbers on *other brokerage* after watching how you set up in tastyworks but coming along very well. I love watching the same topics being discussed on different shows (how you laid it out in your learn section) because I can always find bits of better understanding from different people on different topics. I am very grateful to the tastytrade team.

Thank you,


You all are unbelievable


I'm sure you guys get a lot of people telling you things like this, but I want to add my thoughts. You all are unbelievable. In the past I have paid to subscribe to educational services, and didn't even have the capability of communicating in any real way with the people providing the services. In spite of everything else you have to do, you and Tom take the time to answer emails and specific questions from people you haven't met and who haven't paid you a cent, and with your expert advice, teachings, and opinions, for which other people charge VERY high fees. That sort of thing may seem natural to you, but, and I am sure you know this, it is rare in the industry. I cannot thank you enough for the generous gift of help you offer. I'm retired, have lost half my money three times over the years (1987, 2001, 2008) and am living off what I have left and what trading profits I can make. You probably don't even realize how much you mean to your viewers.



Nice Trade Dr. Data!

I wanted to thank Dr. Data for his Jade Lizard on XLV which he explained on "Trades from The Research Team" from 11-17-2016.

I received a favorably fill for the position, and placed an order to get out of early; which occurred today.

Thank You!


Shout out to the Research Team

Hi tasty team, just want to say the research team is like no other a big big thanks to Tom and Tony and the whole team for all the work and info coming out of tasty trade! Absolutely the best of the the best!


Was this made for me?


Just want to say... The tastyworks platform feels as if it was custom made for me. Familiar, intuitive and fast! So easy to get used to.

Thank you guys for continuing to provide top quality research, tools, entertainment and services to advance the retail trader space!

You are dynamite!

*** PEACE ***

Tim M.
A loyal tastytrade(r)

Not trading related...

I just want you guys to know how much I appreciate the eclectic style of music you play between segments, etc. Actually, it is all bad-ass and helps keep me going during the day. Thanks for being eclectic and fun with it.

Steve from Houston

Shout out to Dr Jim and Butler

I'd like to say thanks Dr Jim with his WDIS 101 with Brittany and Butler's Everyday Trader.

I finally decided to learn about options and this new WDIS came at the perfect time.

Butler's Everyday Trader in some ways can be a complement to WDIS.

Best regards,


click here for Everyday Trader

click here for WDIS Options 101

Keep doing what you do

Hey TastyTrade!

Long time "member" here, with just a note...

Please don't ever feel like you have done every single topic possible, and you are just "done". Moreover, please don't feel like you are "boring" us
by telling us the same thing over and over. Over the years I've certainly noticed that to some degree it really is just the same thing over and
over...but this is EXACTLY what we need, and what I actually enjoy. The repetition, of the same message, over and over, but in a little different way each time is exactly the right way to go with us. It is this very repetition that is the secret sauce to what you guys do. If you did the exact same topic once per month, for a year, but presented it in a little different way, that would be TOTALLY fine. I used to feel like I had missed if I started watching today, I would have missed
all the important stuff you did last month or last year. BUT...I eventually realized that one can jump in on any given day, and eventually catch "everything" due to your repetition. keep it up, you're doing it right, it is what we need and like, and I likely speak for many when I say, "We are not bored by the same thing over and over!" :-)

Thanks for doing what you do,


P.S. I called in for help with a TastyWorks account opening issue two day ago and actually spoke to Case! Man o man...I was on cloud 9 for two
days. I happened to watch her WDIS show for many months when she was doing it live, and to actually find out it was her on the phone was just the greatest thing.

Wanted to share my good news with you!

Tom and Tony,

I informed my employer today that I am leaving my job as Principal Software Engineer. I didn't give them specifics but I am leaving to be a full-time trader! And I owe it to you guys and everything I've learned from TastyTrade. I continue to be astounded by your generosity in putting this information out into the world. Like everyone, I have taken the principles you have shared and apply them in my own way. I have had great success this past year.

From trading alone (leaving aside dividends) I have CLOSED over $300,000 in profit!! And, this was after a disastrous January and February. At one point, in February, I was down $240,000 in losses. Some of that was closing out positions my "money manager" had put me into and some was LINKD (don't even ask how over my head I was for that disaster) and the rest just the double drop that a new trader was ill equipped to handle.

But I learned so much from those painful experiences. Not enough to avoid what I have come to refer to as the Crude Oil Debacle of December 2016...another learning opportunity. But even so I cleared enormous profit. I stagger when I think about how much I've earned to overcome those losses plus $300K!

It's a big step to leave a steady (pretty big) paycheck but I've been trading everyday for over a year. In 2015 I had approximately 1800 option round trip trades. Plus directly scalping futures. That's a lot of experience. A lot of trade small trade often. I carefully track my results in a spreadsheet (makes it like a game for me) and my 90 day daily average has steadily risen (currently ~$6200/day). My one year monthly average is $60,000/month including those early disasters. For the past 9 months, it is $90,000/month. This consistent result and improvement has given me the courage to bag the job and be a professional trader!

I know I sound like I'm bragging. I guess I am. But there's no one I know who can understand better than you guys how thrilling this. I say this sincerely: I owe it to you!! I look forward to meeting you in person San Diego in March (be warned: there may be more bragging...let's hope so!)

With enormous gratitude...


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