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Thanks for the Visit!

I wanted to thank Tony and the tastytrade team for a great visit last week at your offices. The energy and the quality of financial information and education is top notch and the impact on peoples lives you are having is immense.

Please keep up the great work. Hope to see you in Orlando next year -- and hope to throw the group a party.

Rami F


Hello guys,

I have been watching your show and applying your great content to my personal trading for three years now. I just want to say thank you for everything you do! You have changed the way I view finance and changed my life for the better! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in the morning,

Isaac S

Thank you to the entire team!

Dear tastytrade team, Tom and Tony and all the wonderful charismatic heroes of the clan.

I was born in a middle class family in a desert town of Pakistan. I mean to say that I am a no body from no where. There were times in my childhood when I would run after a cloud and hope that it would stay somewhere to shower upon me.

Overtime, I got a PhD in machine learning and built a career doing data science in Germany. I came across your shows searching for a way to exploit stock markets to improve my finances. Though I cannot open a TW account because I was born in a country of 200 million people suffering from terrorism, I could open an account on IB and started following your strategies. The results have been so far very good. I think more than that I am learning the world of finance, that despite my study in mathematics, statistics and machine learning had been hitherto a bit of unknown to me. I have my retired parents in Pakistan and I need to support them on a continuous basis. Your jives are helping me do that. You guys are the best examples of human spirit to me. You are helping no bodies from no where. And while listening to you, I can still feel the same sensation that I felt running after a cloud in the scorching heat of deserts.

Stay blessed and know in your heart, some of the fragrance stays on hands distributing it.

Best Wishes

Game Changing!

Thanks for pulling together the earnings data. Very useful...and much appreciated. Makes me glad I'm part of a group that really cares about trading and helping each other.


Love the Earnings report!

Thanks for the extra Cherry Picks today! That was a nice surprise. I really liked the earning calendar A LOT! That's really helpful.

First Trade - WINNER!

Hey guys, just wanted to send a quick shout out and say "Thanks!" I've been following your videos and articles for several months now. I finally opened up a small account with TastyWorks, and today I closed out my first short put trade with a WIN! I even managed it at 50%, just as you advocate! OK...I got greedy and got something closer to 60% of total profit, but still... :-)

Anyway, this trade was small potatoes, but I wanted to take a moment and say "Thank you" for all of your educational material, and for making the mechanics of this strategy easy to understand and utilize. I'm sure this is just my first of MANY more profitable trades. This stuff keeps me up at night, and I can't express enough, how much I'm enjoying the information...and now profits!

Keep up the great work, and thank you again for providing such great tools and education, and most of all your support!! You guys are top notch, and always provide answers and guidance, no matter how trivial my questions have been. You've made me a TastyTrader for life!!


Love from your neighbors in the north!

I saw Tom when he was in Toronto a week ago. I had heard his name for a while but this was the first time I heard him speak and saw him interact with his fans before, during and after the presentation. He was
very generous with his time, very thoughtful with his comments and very accepting of people's questions regardless of their level of experience or understanding. It made me appreciate why he has such a large following who appear to emulate his style.

As a result, I signed up for tastytrade and am looking forward to tastyworks coming to Canada.


Loving the tasty Tour!

Great Event in Boston! I had a great time and I like how you kept it light and fun, Keep up the Great work!


Great MoneyShow!

Hi Tom , drove two hours in traffic from Cambridge. Was well worth it! Have only been a viewer of the show for about eight months. Thanks to finding Mike and his white board on YouTube. I'm new to options have learned more in that time from tastytrade then from anything out there.

Thanks for the lecture and the time after the show.


"You are Fixable!"

Hello Tom,

This week I went to a 3 day course from ************* (I had enrolled for that about 4 months ago before I found tastytrade). I did not want to go now, but I thought, I paid for it, so I may as well go. Our instructor was a very well dressed, very capable sales guy who after only one hour gave us the costs for the “complete” teaching programs (US 25,000 - $70,000!!!!). They base those programs on a patent they hold about reading charts with supply and demand channels. He repeated several times his mentor was *********** who was a floor trader in Chicago for over 16 years.

Since I was the only assistant with options experience, he asked me questions repeatedly, which I could all answer (that made me happy), but then he started to change tactics: " You say you know about options, so what influence does Rho have on option prices?”. I have not spent a lot of time studying that greek (so I could not answer it precise) but was then taught very fast, that after Vega it was the most important greek, whereas Delta was the one with less importance. After more discussion points at the end of today, he said to me: “But don’t worry Claudia, I can fix you!”

Now I am only angry that I lost 3 days of tastytrade and had some moments where this instructor managed to make me feel insecure again about my trading. But then I saw the other participants talking about how they could finance those learning programs, and one of them signed a contract about making payments for the next 3 years for an US60,000 teaching program. I mentioned tastytrade to several of the students and showed them your website which earns me angry stares from the instructors, hopefully I could help some of the students to make the right decision.

Happy that I am “fixable” at the end of the day. Will check out the tastytrade taped shows of the last 3 days.

Happy weekend.


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