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AMZN Cherry Bomb

I recall TP or TS recently saying in a Cherry Bomb that they had an idea on how to fix healthcare in America: get a bunch of docs and data scientists in a room and then post all health related products on Amazon.

Clap clap clap!!!!

Just amazing, another tremendous call by the street-smart folks at tastytrade.

Keep it up guys! You'll soon be the Amazon of Financial Services.

No... Better yet:

Amazon will one day be considered the tastytrade of online retail!

Bryan C.

I Just Want to Say THANK YOU!

I only recently learned about tastytrade from an accountant in Tucson. Michael S. is a devout fan, and he spent much of my initial consultation with him discussing the show, the strategies, the ideas, and the coolness of Tom S. I suppose he was trying to give me a hint, but I left feeling there was maybe something inappropriate about this. Now I am so grateful to him for turning me on to it.

I really enjoy following companies and industries for their bell weather qualities in tracking the Economy, as a window into how PEOPLE are faring along their evolutionary journey. It's a hobby that I feel allows me to
engage with the world around me.

Everything about tastytrade seems right. I don't yet understand Options, but it feels like something I can learn. My goal is to study, and see to see if they and my natural intuitions align. It is enlightening watching you trade, not trying to guess the meaning of the 'news'. I have been watching Bloomberg, CNBC and before that FNN, and that never felt helpful. The stories those outlets hype as important, even as they morph into stories ever more glossy and urgent, seem to be primarily to give the personalities 'important' things to talk about. Although I'm not financially deprived, those shows always smacked of elitism and that bothers me. WE are inside and YOU, lowly viewer, are outside, and only by acknowledging our superior position can our twains possibly meet.

Don't underestimate the value you provide to viewers. I'm sure a person can screw up big time with options, but the opportunity to maximize a situation and mitigate risk, is available. I am not a sophisticated or unsophisticated investor. The fact that I am just now picking up tastytrade on my radar means there must be many, many more to follow.

I loved your 'rant' against benchmarks last week! Benchmarks negate creativity on every level.

No response necessary, I just wanted to say what I've said, which in a roundabout way is: Thanks.

Diane L.

Tasty Tour


It was a pleasure meeting you and the rest of the tastyteam this weekend! It is truly inspiring to see the passion for options trading and the type of decision making it cultivates.

I am 100% on board the tastytrain and do not see myself getting off anytime soon. I am looking forward to see how this trading mindset affects how I make decisions in life in the future, especially after playing “The Game".

Thank you for everything you are doing with tastytrade and tastyworks, you are really making a huge difference in many peoples lives.

Thanks again for creating a very memorable Sunday in Austin!



GLD Skew Segments was.... GOLD!

Phenomenal segment on finding gold in the inverse skew in GLD!!! Great research!!! Great explanation!!!


Thank You, you bunch of Tasty's!!! ( did that come across as weird?) just un-hear it

- Helmut

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Ignorance is Unpardonable!

Tom, You're awesome. I've been through a lot of your videos and have found them to be phenomenal and have contributed greatly to strengthen my market understanding. The wealth knowledge you provide is unparalleled. I started with buying options and had some beginners luck. But as i researched upon I stumbled upon yr videos and it brought tears to my eyes. I could now comfortably plan my future and have reasonable expectations of future outcomes.

Please continue to the good work. Ignorance is unpardonable.

Best regards,


Tasty Trades Mechanical Approach

Hey Guys,

Just have to tell ya, what a great episode this was, You guys nailed it with a beautiful balance of complexity, simplicity and easy understanding!!, I have re-posted/ shared this one 4 times now and will probably do so at least as many more, I constantly have people asking me how I do what I do, and this is just GOLD!!

Keep up the good work,

Dustin in CA

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Thanks to the whole team!


THANKS!! You do a wonderful job and are surrounded by some incredible talent. Funny man ‘Tony’ is a great side kick I get lots of laughs at the end of the day driving home listening to his buffoonery.. He says a lot of smart things too in-between the comical approach about trading

Abbas F.

Thanks for the daily recap

Tasty team,

Thanks for these recap summaries that you publish daily. They help me to zero in on segments/topics that I miss during the day and find interesting to review. Keep this activity up!

William R.

Great research!

Great research with great explanations and expectations. Better than services I had to pay for. Thank you.

- KB

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Thanks for the Cherry Picks!

Wow, very impressive! I like this, most pertinent, most useful report I've ever seen as a stock report! Lots of research in this - soak'in it up.

- MH

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