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What I'm Thinking

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CEO of 1871, the largest tech incubator in the United States, Howard Tullman, stops by the studio to talk about what is changing in the world with the new majority demographic, “millennials”.

The current instant gratification market is changing how much is available at any point and is giving so much time to pursue new options. Howard speculates on Uber destroying parking lots and airbnb making “just a room” about an experience. The only thing holding back changes are regulations, but they always lag markets.

Instant gratification is even taking its long term toll on the written word as visual learning is becoming more and more available. Howard points out that Wikipedia is dying because of the lack of computer searches since everyone is just on their phone. “Kids don’t say, ‘Look it up.’ They say, ‘Ask your phone.’”

With everyone looking for the simplest way to solve an issue and using new tech to change it, many people seem to forget the thinking that needs to go into elegant solutions. Howard wants to remind everyone that even a creation of the next niche solution requires a Phd in common sense, which many new entrepreneurs seem to overlook.

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