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What Else Ya Got

Trying To Solve the Financial Literacy Problem

What Else Ya Got

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You're right if you think what they taught you in school aren't the most important things when it comes to financial literacy and where are here to outline what is really needed. Alex, the “Kid Trader” joins Tom and Tony for an interesting discussion.

The segment begins with a montage of clips from Alex's previous appearances. The Bat notes how Alex has grown up in front of their eyes.

The talk turns to the subject of financial literacy. Tom and Tony go through a series of ideas and express their thoughts. The points hit include how the solution requires technological support, course curriculum changes, activity (front line activity), for traditional Wall Street to step aside and more. Alex expresses his opinion on each, sharing his unique perspective.

Watch this episode of “What Else Ya Got?” with Tom Sosnoff, Tony Battista and Alex the “Kid Trader” as they discuss trying to solve the financial literacy problem.

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