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What Else Ya Got

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What Else Ya Got

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Today, in this segment of "What Else Ya Got", Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista read some of the Tastytrade success story emails they have received. Tom said that we are exactly half way through the year and the markets have been trading sideways. Tom and Tony mentioned that it has been a good year for premium sellers and a good year for Tastytraders to learn how to trade.

Tom read a few inspirational emails he had received recently from viewers who were making money the "Tastytrade way." One viewer wrote in that he was up over 20% in his account after all fees. The viewer had traded 193 underlyings with 202 closed trades, and he risked $5000 per trade. The viewer displayed a graph of his account and showed how "selling premium when the market goes nowhere" worked. The graph included the total days in the trade, P/L per day, month P/L, theoretical Max, percentage captured and average number of days.

A second viewer wrote to Tom and gave his "half yearly stats." The viewer was up 41% in his account and had 75% of his capital in cash. Tom mentioned that he knew these viewers and that they traded fairly large accounts.

The third email was from a viewer with a smaller account that had turned the corner using the Tastytrade methodology. The viewer wrote, "I now have more confidence in any trade I open that I can make money or know the adjustments to get a scratch out of it." Tom said, "One of the coolest things we do here is set a predictable set of mechanics that allow you to build predictable results."

Watch this episode of "What Else Ya Got" with Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista for an inspirational segment on how Tastytraders found success using our mechanics and methodology.

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