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What Else Ya Got

Fidelity, FINRA and Love Letters

What Else Ya Got

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Sometimes you look in the fridge and see various leftovers, none of which can make a meal by themselves, but together add up to something and the same applies to things the boys want to comment on so we present this segment about Fidelity's record inflows, FINRA increased regulatory spending on catching “spoofers” and a couple of “love letters”. We think you will enjoy this mishmash.

Tom and Tony began by commenting on the news that Fidelity had record inflows in 2015. While the article had Fidelity's spin about low cost index funds the guys still saw this as a positive. The first step toward becoming a self directed trader is moving away from the traditional asset managers whose main goal is really asset gathering.

FINRA's plans to spend more regulatory dollars to go after market “spoofers” was the next subject. Tom and Tony thought this was a waste of money. They commented that the damage caused by spoofing was mainly to large traders while the small investors are still getting ripped off in various ways that in total equal billions. They wanted that to be FINRA's focus.

Two “love letters” were the final part of the segment. The writers thank tastytrade and outlined their success. While they both experienced excellent returns they both are convinced they can do better, especially if they stick to the tastytrade philosophy.

Watch this segment of “What Else Ya Got” with Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista for some interesting thoughts on some financial news and confirmation that the tastytrade method of trading can lead to success.

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