WDIS: Options 101

What are Stocks?

WDIS: Options 101


Click here to download the WDIS: Options 101 Syllabus

Today, Dr. Jim lays the foundations for newbie trader Brittany by starting back to the basics...what are stocks? Prior to jumping in, Dr. Jim provides Brittany and tastynation this week's overview of the syllabus, which is available for download in the link above, and a brief video on the account opening process for tastyworks. Dr. Jim navigates Brittany through the who, what, when, where, & why's of stocks, which typically would take Dr. Jim a week to teach, but he boils them down into a nice nine-minute package for Brittany to grasp. Brittany does not hold back on asking Dr. Jim important questions regarding stocks to expand her knowledge and grasp an understanding of stocks before she moves into the exciting world of options.

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