WDIS: Options 101

Brittany's First Trade

WDIS: Options 101


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Today, Brittany tested her knowledge of understanding on long puts. Dr. Jim quickly ran through other contract features with Brittany in anticipation of her placing her very first trade, which ended up being a vertical put spread in NFLX. Dr. Jim informed Brittany that she will primarily focus on selling options only: the short side of a put or the short side of a call. He also showed Brittany that she'll reduce the risks of a short put (which calmed some of her uneasiness) by reminding her that she will only be doing defined-risk trades this semester. Dr. Jim gets Brittany ready to route her first trade & she gets filled! He closes by explaining to her the most she can make and the most she can lose. Brittany's homework for the evening it figure out why this is so.

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