WDIS: Options 101

Get her to the GREEKS

WDIS: Options 101


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Today, Dr. Jim takes Brittany back down memory lane (again) to her Greek days to prepare her for first first introduction of Greeks, as they relate to the options pricing model. Before jumping in, Brittany has a few questions from Friday to help her (and tastynation) grasp their understandings of percentile rankings in the normal distribution. Dr. Jim then informs Brittany that "now the training wheels are off", and they are going to dive head first into learning one of those other five factors that influence option prices, the strike price. The two then jump into learning about delta, which is arguably the most versatile of the Greeks. Painting with a very broad brush, Dr. Jim started off by explaining to Brittany that the relationship of the underlying stock price to the strike price is "basically" what delta measures. From there, she learns that delta specifically measures an option's price move, when the underlying stock moves.

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