Rising Stars

Meet Steven, tastytrade's Newest Rising Star!

Rising Stars

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What do you do when you've made and lost hundreds of thousands in the markets before you were old enough to vote? You turn to tastytrade and learn about probability of profit (POP), implied volatility (IV), implied volatility rank (IVR), number of occurrences, managing winners and other important concepts.

Steven K. grew up in Atlanta. He started trading penny stocks in 10th grade (2002) and got lucky. By the end of the year he had made $90K and dropped out of school. He continued to trade penny stocks and made $283K in one day only to later lose it all. He took a high risk job working on an off-shore oil platform to pay his IRS debts. Things got better for him when he found tastytrade via YouTube.

Steven learned a lot from tastytrade and put it to work. Now he can’t imagine doing anything else. He used to trade dozens of underlyings but now mainly sticks to the E-Mini S&P futures (/ES) and some other futures such as /CL, /NG and /6E. He aims to make a 1% return per week. Learning about IVR and managing winners at 50% of max profit were two of our concepts that Steven pinpointed as especially helpful to him.

Watch this segment of “Rising Stars” with Tom Sosnoff, Tony Battista and Steven K. to hear some of the details of Steven's successful trading journey.

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