Resize & Analyze

Week of September 5th

Resize & Analyze

Tom and Pete are joined by James for the first episode or Resize & Analyze! James revisits a few of Tom's recent trades and resizes them for IRAs and smaller accounts.

James dissects Tom's recent short TLT stock trade, replicating the position with synthetic short stock. This cuts the buying power requirement by 40% while maintaining the delta exposure.

The second trade discussed was Tom's PPLT/GLD pairs trade. Tom scalped this Gold and Platinum pairs trade throughout the day yesterday. While PPLT doesn't have robust liquidity, GLD options offer extremely liquid proxies to trading the underlying shares.

Lastly, they look at a short strangle in HD. Tom has traded HD multiple times over the last few days and James discusses how to make those trades IRA compatible and also how an Iron Condor could potentially fit in to a tastybites account.

Tune in for the full discussion!

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