Futures Measures

Gold in Non-Dollar Terms

Futures Measures

Pete, Frank and James explore movement in Gold and its relationship to the FX market. The guys look at taking the $ component out of a Gold "pairs" trade with FX futures.

GOLD Contract Specs
  • Symbol: /GC
  • Contract Size:100 TROY OZ
  • Delta: 100
  • Minimum Tick: $0.10
  • Tick Value: $10.00
  • Expiration: February, April, June, August, October December

    EURO Contract Specs
  • Symbol: /6E

  • Contract Size: 125,000 EUROFX

  • Delta: 125000

  • Minimum Tick: $0.00005

  • Tick Value: $6.25

  • Expiration: March, June, September, December

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