Bootstrapping In America

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Bootstrapping In America

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Today's topic of focus is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

To start the discussion, Howard, Kristi and Tony dissect the concept of "cleaning house" in a business. Is it an effective method of making a company more successful?

Find out how per-unit economics play a role in the firing of CEOs and why some new CEOs clean house when newly appointed.

Howard points out a lot of risks in bringing your entire "team" from previous endeavors with you and throwing away people that are knowledgeable about the business and the customers isn't necessarily the right move.

From there, the concept of information communication through the company is discussed and uncovering the truth as a CEO or management is hard to come by.

On the flip side, Kristi, as a board member for several companies, offers her opinion about the role of the board when appointing new team members and how it impacts the future success of the business.

Finally, the tastytrade team and Howard weigh the pros and cons of being a public CEO versus a startup CEO.

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