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Trading Butterflies

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Tom and Tony discuss everything you ever wanted to know about butterflies in just one segment. They explain how to setup butterflies and analyze a back-test to see if ATM Put Butterfly Spreads are better than Broken Wing Butterflies.

A butterfly is executed for a debit and carries positive theta and negative vega. By breaking the wing, we can raise the probability of success when implemented for a credit with no upside risk.

  • ATM Put Butterflies to Broken Wing Butterflies
  • S&P 500 from 2005 – Present
  • Wings placed at +/- 4% of price
  • Managed at 25% debit paid or held to expiration

The success and average P/L of the Broken Wing Butterfly(BWB) were significantly greater than the Put butterfly. Although the BWB has a higher Probability of Profit, the max profit is lower, and the max loss is more significant.

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