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Darren Rovell joins Tom Sosnoff for a virtual fireside chat on sports betting & trading.

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10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

Trading Is a Skill That Can Be Developed

10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

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"Can I actually do this?" is one of the most frequently asked questions our team gets on a daily basis. The answer? YES. Trading is a skill that can be developed, and Dylan Ratigan recruits Tom and the rest of the tastytrade team to find out how individuals can go from knowing nothing to managing their own portfolio.

Of course, developing any skill takes time and effort, and trading is no different. However, Tom urges individuals to think of the alternative; if you're passive, you never have a chance to outperform the benchmark. By "challenging" ourselves to make financial decisions, understand the products and overcome other various "barriers to entry," wealth is not outside of the retail investor's reach.

But is there a way to make trading enjoyable to someone who may not find numbers or probabilities exciting? Dylan grabs Liz, Jared and Beef to discuss overcoming failures, sizing and the initial "overwhelming" experience that comes with learning a new skill like trading.

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