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Darren Rovell joins Tom Sosnoff for a virtual fireside chat on sports betting & trading.

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10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

Trade Small, Trade Often

10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

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In the third episode of the series, Dylan Ratigan and hosts tackle another pillar of tastytrade's style of trading: trade small, trade often.

In years past, trading success was defined by sizing up and hoping you were on the right side. Now, however, with new technology and an assortment of strategies, the name of the game is placing smaller size trades so that the probabilities play out in the long run. But is this simply a means of generating fees for firms and exchanges?

Dylan recruits Tom to explain how number of occurrences improve our "predictable results." Then, we talk to Jenny, Dr. Jim and James to get a better understanding of what constitutes as "small" and "often" depending on your account size, risk tolerance and time available to manage your portfolio.

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