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10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

Liquidity Trumps All

10 Reasons to be a tastytrader

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It's no secret that here at tastytrade, we use a strict set of parameters to help us set up, manage and close our trades in order to enhance our portfolio's success. But what are those guidelines, exactly? Dylan Ratigan recruits tastytrade hosts to find out.

In the first episode of a ten part series, Dylan and company tackle the most fundamental tastytrade pillar: liquidity trumps all.

Discover why tastytrade co-founder, Tom Sosnoff, ranks this principle as the most important and hear stories from tastytrade's Research Team and show hosts to find out how liquidity has impacted their trading abilities. Plus, discover Dylan's interpretation of liquidity and get his take on whether or not it's possible to stick to liquid underlyings 24/7.

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