FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is tastytrade?

tastytrade is a financial network, but not in the traditional sense. We use probabilities and strategy when we evaluate the financial markets because we feel, well, those things are just more important than the opinions of talking heads. We have 8 hours of live content every weekday from 7AM CST to 3PM CST. From our groundbreaking 'Market Measure' research and game changing studies, to our revolutionary trading platform, dough.com, and #1 grossing financial mobile app, Bob The Trader, we’re here to make sure you learn something that makes you a better trader every day. In addition to the live show, we also have thousands of hours of videos on demand! The best part? IT’S FREE! All you need to do is register your email address!

Are you a brokerage firm?

tastytrade is not a brokerage firm. Our preferred broker is TD Ameritrade, and the platforms that all of our talent uses are thinkorswim and dough platforms, as Tom Sosnoff, our CEO and host of "tastytrade Live!", created them. If you use these platforms, they have their own special support team that can help you navigate. TD Ameritrade account holders can also utilize the dough platform to trade.

How do I register to get access to the archives?

  1. Click on box in upper right corner.
  2. Enter email address and create a password (must be atleast 6 characters, case sensitive) and click the registration button.
  3. Go to your email and locate the confirmation email from tastytrade.
  4. Click on the link in that email to complete registration and confirm your email.

Then you're all set!

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Click on the 'Log In' button on the left sidebar, select “forgot password” and reset instructions will be sent to your email address that you originally registered with!

Are there perks to registering?

Besides being able to access all of our archived content, registering allows you to receive our emails, which includes the daily Cherry Bomb email that 'tastytrade Live!' host and thinkorswim co-founder, Tom Sosnoff, writes to give his outlook on the market. You’ll also receive access to our Daily Recap email, which highlights the best segments of the day as well as any promotions and announcements we have!

Where can I see your broadcast schedule?

The daily schedule is updated every day and can be found on the tastytrade home page. Go to tastytrade.com and click the “See Schedule” button on the right of the video player.

How do I access previous segments ("the archives")?

Log in to tastytrade.com via the Log In button on the left side of the site. After entering your credentials, navigate to the Shows page on the top of the site. Select the segment icon you’re looking for by filtering our shows by investor type, account type, and content type. The 6 most recent episodes will appear on the segment’s show page! To access further back, click on “Browse all ___ episodes” on the blue tab beneath the video player!

What's the best way to find videos that fit my trading style?

Simply go to the Shows page and use the filter feature to find shows geared specifically for your skill level, account size, or type of content you’re interested in!

Do you have resources to help me gain a better understanding of key concepts and terms?

Absolutely! Check out our Learn page to browse our content by category, read our team's definitions and explanations, and watch the most relevant content on the topics you're most interested in.

How do I search for a specific archived episode?

Our search feature is highlighted in red and located on the left sidebar menu where you log in. You can search for any keyword or topic and pull up the most recent show segments that covered that topic.

Some segments have slides, how can I access those?

Slides will be attached to each individual segment. After you locate the segment from the Show page, you will see a “Slides” button on the right of the video player. Click the button and the presentation will appear!

How can I ask Tom & Tony a question?

The best time to ask Tom & Tony questions about trading, food, dogs, anything your heart desires is during the live call-in segment at 10AM CST! Call 855-BE-TASTY and Tom & Tony will be happy to answer!

Where is tastytrade located?

Right now, in the financial and live improv capital of the world – Chicago. And eventually, in the heart of every American.

Who are you people?

The fact is that we are old floor traders who created thinkorswim back in 1999 and built it into one of the most successful online brokers in the world. The more fun story is that we were born on a sacred mountain and glided into our present positions on rainbows and accompanied by eagles. Our birthdays are celebrated the world over.

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Registered Investment Advisor? Click here