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Ryan Grace

Ryan Grace

Host of The Ryan & Beef Show

Ryan Grace is part of tastytrade's on-air talent team, and hosts The Ryan & Beef Show on tastytrade Monday through Friday. The show focuses on using the dough platform and offers explanations of all of the concepts and strategies that are the main pillars of the tastytrade philosophy. Ryan also works on a number of initiatives at tastytrade, but most recently has stepped into the role of product and development project management. Before joining tastytrade in 2013, he worked as a vice president for an institutional fixed income brokerage firm. Ryan received his undergraduate degree in economics from West Virginia University and holds an MBA from St. Bonaventure University.

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Hometown: Allegany, NY

Years Trading: 5

What Are Your Favorite Underlyings To Trade/Trading Strategies?

I like trading crude oil futures options and U.S. Treasury bond futures.

What I Like About tastytrade

My favorite thing about working at tastytrade is the people I work with and the company culture. At tastytrade, I'm surrounded by so many intelligent, talented, and creative people... every single one of them works really hard too. We have an environment that fosters growth and innovation, and hopefully this will lead to a paradigm shift within the retail finance space.

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    Ryan is not currently scheduled for any upcoming events.