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Katie Mcgarrigle

Host of Where Do I Start: Trading Futures

Katie McGarrigle is a co-host of the beginner options trading series, Where Do I Start: Trading Futures With Katie. Before that, she spent two years trading options on WDIS: Back to Cool with Tony Battista. Beginning her time at tastytrade on the support desk, Katie was roped into the show (despite her terrible mathematical skills) and soon discovered how rewarding (and easy) it was to control the probabilities in your trades as well as controlling your own finances. When she’s not on the air, you’ll find Katie juggling everything from producing content to optimizing all of tastytrade and dough’s media. She received her undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois.

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More About Katie

Hometown: Homewood, IL

Years Trading: 2

When do you decide to roll your tested positions?

Unfortunately there’s no real cookie cutter answer! Typically, I’ll roll the untested side of any naked position when I’m not comfortable with my current delta risk. Tony and I are always looking to underhedge our delta (because we still have the same assumption), so we’ll roll to a strike that cuts our delta by 1/3 to ½!

Favorite Underlyings To Trade/Trading Strategies

I don’t really have any favorite underlyings to trade, but Tony and I DO like to be exposed to the market ETFs (DIA, SPY, IWM, QQQ), volatility Products (VIX, VXX, UXVY) and typically AAPL. Anything that’s liquid I’m willing to try!

What I Like About tastytrade

The ability to be a part of so many different aspects of the company. If I’m interested in learning more about graphics or development or marketing, all I have to do is ask, and everyone is willing to answer questions. Plus, it’s pretty cool to be able to say that my feedback and work can help improve our platform and our network. When I come to work each day, I feel like I’m actually making a real contribution to disrupting the financial space, and I don’t think many 20-somethings can say that! Plus, snacks!

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