The tastytrade Android App Information Page

Application Download Link

Updated 11/12/12

Download this to your Android device. The simplest way is to navigate to this page using your device's web browser. Be sure to read the Installation notes. If you have any issues to report please send them to

Click here to download the application package


Updated 11/4/12

  • You should uninstall the previous version before installing this version
  • [Fix 11/2/12] Updated to take our audio only feed from our new servers
  • [Update 11/2/12] Updated to use our new CDN content channels
  • [New 11/2/12] This new version of the application will also be available (for sale) in Google Play Store. It will be available for free to members here on the website, however, updates will have to be manually applied for the web site distributed version

Updated 7/12/12

  • [Fix 7/12/12] Force close issues on Episode Details
  • [Update 7/9/12] A lot of bug fixes and stability improvements, extending to a larger number of older devices and android versions.
  • You should uninstall the previous version before installing this version
  • We're getting ready to convert a lot of the existing library to a more universally compatible android format.
  • If playback of live video is not working during broadcasting hours, please let us know.

Updated 6/22/12

  • Watch Live

    Click the "Watch Live" link to stream the live show during normal hours of 7am to 3pm CT, Mon-Fri.

  • Listen Live

    Click the "Listen Live" link to stream the show's audio feed during normal broadcast hours of 7am to 3pm CT. After hours, the day's audio feed is replayed.

    When playing the audio feed, the phone's screen can go to sleep, and the sound will continue to play in the background. You can easily get back to the application by following your phone's notifications. (Slide down notifications panel from the top of the screen.)

  • Link to your tastytrade account

    Members should click on this link and log into their account to enable their device to receive members-only episodes and content.

Installation Notes

  1. Use your Android phone or device to navigate to this page.
  2. Click on the download link to download the application package to your phone. Typically your phone's notification panel will include a listing of recently downloads. Open the notification panel and click on the download to begin installing the application.
  3. Be sure to enable the installation of non-market applications for your phone. This is set up in the device's system settings under the applications menu.
  4. When the installation is complete, you'll have an application on your device called tastytrade.

Other Notes and Known Issues

  • Not all content is available in a format compatible with Android playback. This primarily affects archive show content. We will be providing archived clips in a compatible playback format soon.
  • In order to install the application on your phone, you'll need to enable installation of Non-Market Applications. You can find that setting in your device's system settings under the section labeled Applications
  • While playing content in the background, your battery will be drawn down at a faster rate.
  • Occasionally, the audio-only broadcast is not available.
  • To un-install the application, use the device's system settings, under "Applications - Manage applications".