What's trading all about?
You know the difference between a bull and a bear, but how about when someone is "bullish" or "bearish" on the market? You might know what a stock is, but do you know about options? Watch these starter videos to get you interested in trading.
Why Open a Brokerage Account?
What's a Brokerage Account?
Why should I trade?
Trader's basic checklist.
Identify a Stock
Probability of Success
Cost Basis
Why Sell Puts?
Buying a Put
Your First 5 Trades
Buying Power Effect
Case's Game Plan
Stocks vs. Options
What's a call?
The Modern Investor
The Power of Small Accounts
Start getting familiar with trading terms
Basic concepts
Eager to trade? Already trading? Are you sure you have all the know-how when it comes to the core fundamentals? There's more to know than just what a 'call' is and what a 'put' is. Watch these excerpts from the live show.
Create a Watchlist
Theoretical Value
Market Efficiency
Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Value
Option Liquidity
Reducing Cost Basis
Implied Volatility
Expected Move
What's a Naked Put
OTM Puts
Trade Selection
What's an ETF?
Short Puts: Could Be Your First Trade
Short Put: ROC
Managing Your Winners
What are vertical spreads?
Putting on a Debit Spread
Put Debit Spreads
Natural vs. Mid Price
Portfolio Delta
Debit Spreads: Calculating Max Loss
Account Statement
Looking for a little more?
Ready to find out what you can do to take your trading to the next level? You don't have to use all of your capital on one trade to get a better rate of return. Watch these videos and we'll show you how.
Covered Call
Short Put Probabilities
Liz & Jenny Explain "Puts"
Building a Portfolio
Beta Weighting Your Portfolio
To Roll or Not to Roll
Time Decay
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