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Most Watched This Week

  • Best Practices: Volatility Skew

    Volatility Skew

    When looking for information on Volatility Skew, it is very easy to get different answers on what...

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  • Nailed It!: Crude Awakening: What's the Real Cost of Cheap Oil?

    Crude Awakening: What's the Real Cost of Cheap Oil?

    Vonetta drills deep to get to the bottom of the faults in the Oil industry. There's no question...

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  • Trade Of The Week: Fantasy VIX

    Fantasy VIX

    With the S&P 500 trading near its recent highs, volatility is near the lows of the year. This...

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  • Market Measures: POP Improvement | Long Stock

    POP Improvement | Long Stock

    When we buy stock, we have an initial probability of profit right around 50%. We know that by...

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  • Truth or Skepticism with Dylan Ratigan: Play Ball! | Featuring Dylan Ratigan

    Play Ball! | Featuring Dylan Ratigan

    Tom Sosnoff sparks their discussion on the Fed by challenging special guest Dylan Ratigan to...

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Trading Strategies & Market Insights

  • Closing The Gap: Stock Repair | Ratios

    Stock Repair | Ratios

    When we are long an equity, it doesn't always go in our favor. For this reason, it is important...

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  • tasty BITES: Iron Condor Rolls

    Iron Condor Rolls

    Typically when we are trading a defined risk spread, we will not look to adjust a position that...

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  • I'm Ready to Start: TBT: How High Is High?

    TBT: How High Is High?

    With bonds approaching all time highs, there are a number of ways that we can get short if we...

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  • WDIS: Back to Cool: Managing Calls During Dividends

    Managing Calls During Dividends

    Stay calm and trade on when you know how to handle your short ITM call when the ex-dividend date...

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  • Strategies for IRA: Getting Long GPRO

    Getting Long GPRO

    Over the last six months, GoPro (GPRO) has sold off more than 60%. This has provided us with an...

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